Reflection: Blogging at the Pure TV Network

I think I am burned out… at least when it comes to blogging on Pure Dancing With the Stars.

Well I kind of knew that when I wasn’t interested in working through the spreadsheets during the off season in favor of doing more personal stuff. But I think what did it was when I didn’t even have the Pre-Season Elimination post started and the start of the season was a day away, that was when I knew.

It’s not that I am overwhelmed… I am never overwhelmed, I love to keep busy and having a million plus one projects on my plate so every moment of my life is kept busy and if something else were to fall through I could sift through all the umpteen number of projects and work on something else.

I think what is doing it is that I am focusing more and more on being creative as opposed to analytical.

Well that and the fact that I am finding myself drawn to The Voice more than Dancing With the Stars and they are in the same time slot… and part of that is that I could listen to The Voice while at the computer on work and not interrupt my work while with Dancing with the Stars I actually have to watch and really with my life when do I find time?

So I think I am going to transition, give it a trial run for a full year (and a season) and see how that goes. After the current season of Dancing with the Stars… I’ll take seasons 17 thru 19 off except for the Pre-Season Elimination posts, but I’ll forgo the scores predictions because I need to rework the spreadsheets on so many different levels now.

In the meantime I’ll focus more on The Voice and provide the Power Rankings (a la SYTYCD an DWTS and AGT) and more commentary since I am really the only one in the group watching it… and do the same for the summer shows since I do still enjoy watching them for the most part.

Why am I posting it here on my personal blog? Well I suppose it is because it is my personal thought and it is easier to do it here than on the other blogs at the moment… at least no until the current television season ends…

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