Daily Archives: 9 April 2013

Reflection: Blogging at the Pure TV Network

I think I am burned out… at least when it comes to blogging on Pure Dancing With the Stars.

Well I kind of knew that when I wasn’t interested in working through the spreadsheets during the off season in favor of doing more personal stuff. But I think what did it was when I didn’t even have the Pre-Season Elimination post started and the start of the season was a day away, that was when I knew.

It’s not that I am overwhelmed… I am never overwhelmed, I love to keep busy and having a million plus one projects on my plate so every moment of my life is kept busy and if something else were to fall through I could sift through all the umpteen number of projects and work on something else.

I think what is doing it is that I am focusing more and more on being creative as opposed to analytical.

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