Special Skills

Acting (spring 2003)
As one could see upon my Thespian page, my first show was in Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night and that was back in 2003. Since then I was frequently on and off in theatre but the “acting bug” never truly died. As thus when 2011 rolled around, I decided to pursue theatre and acting full out going so far as being in six shows in a span of a year before forcing myself to take a break… How long the break would last is anyone’s guess… including my own.

Baking / Cooking (originally 1992, more definitively autumn 2011)
I have always loved the idea of baking / cooking, creating something that people would enjoy. Taking something that has been established and changing things around to adapt to a differing palate. But with a mother that loves to cook, why would I need to learn? Eventually I did and I love it, to the point that I started writing posts about some of my past attempts and my adaptations and opinions of recipes.even more recently several friends of mine and I gather bi-monthly with various concoctions set to a different theme, and I must say… I never had so much fun playing with my food.

Ballroom Dancing (autumn 2005)
– International Ballroom / Latin
– American Smooth / Rhythm
– Argentine Tango, Salsa, West Coast Swing

The culture I group up in, ballroom dancing was the more natural form of social dancing. At weddings I would see couples dance the chacha, viennese waltz, paso doble, etc to various songs from the culture and heritage I grew up in. So when I was settled in my first full time job, I decided to pursue ballroom dancing to learn the steps that my family knew and figured that down the road I would be a little more outgoing when social dancing… riiiight I am living in the wrong country here. Still if it weren’t for learning this style of dance I wouldn’t have been able to write / blog about dancing in general later.

Crocheting/Knitting (summer 2003)

Dancing (approximately 1996)
includes Contemporary, Ballet, Lyrical

Pole Dancing (autumn 2011)
Via a Groupon I decided to give pole dancing a try… and found that I rather enjoyed it. There is a sensuality that I was able to tap into and find a comfort in… it is rather athletic and forces you to work on your core. This is something I would be interested in continuing down the road if I could just find time to do so.
**Note: Due to the nature of the hobby, there won’t be any revelation of the location of the lessons.

Scrapbooking/Card Making (spring 2012)
Introduced by a friend I realized that I enjoyed creating cards over purchasing and had a kind of knack for design… Ideas are still pretty cut and dry, but what better way to grow out of that?

Sound Design/Engineering (summer 2012)
After participating in a show there was a sound engineer there whose knowledge I wanted to tap into, in the end I found that I was more than curious with what went on behind the scenes when it comes to sound. In fact he said something that I realized made a lot of sense:

You know you did a good job when the audience doesn’t notice anything.

And you know what? That turns out to be true. After a couple of sessions of learning the basics of sound design and engineering that I am willing to learn and understand more down the road if I could find the time… if.

Video Editing (legitimately spring 2013 – might be before that)
Now technically this is not new to me. I vaguely remember video editing while in high school or college… or even earlier than that. However, this was not something I kept up with or did not feel like I was strong at in any capacity. Perhaps because I knew a lot of people who studied video editing / film / etc and it just did not seem fair. However, recently I have been doing a few video editing projects to great success thus far (within small circles) so who knows? I may wish to continue on this path down the road.

Wallyball (autumn 2010)
Chatting with a friend a couple of years back, he gave an open invitation to join him and some of his other friends for wallyball. Wallyball is volleyball played on a racquetball court… for the most part. I only participated for a couple of months before work took over again, but what came out of it turned out to be more than I could have ever bargained for.

Web Blogging (spring 2010)
Back in April of 2010, I was commenting on PureSYTYCD.com ideas and possibilities as to who the possible All-Stars could be when Nigel Lythgoe announced that past SYTYCD dancers would be selected to be the Season 7’s “All Star” dancers. I was then invited to blog for Pure TV Network series for the past two and a half years, can be considered a “professional blogger” since I am being paid for my work. For more information feel free to head over to my Biography for a bit of my writing background.

Web Designing (primarily autumn 2004)
I played around with web design back when the Internet was in its infancy. For more information about what I have done in the past for web design please view my Web Design page under the Biography tab.

Writing (approximately 1997)