Past Projects FAQ

When will you be off hiatus at Currents? Where could I find out what happened to the characters since then?
We went on hiatus for a little while in 2007 when our individual schedules got so crazy that we couldn’t co-write any longer. We got back together for an episode in early 2008 with the intent of continuing, but that never materialized. As of right now we are still on hiatus, there has been talk about trying to start up again, but chances have been fairly low about this materializing.

Where could I find the Jem and the Holograms RPG? Could I join?
Unfortunately when the players of that particular story slowly started to disappear (myself included) the owner and everyone else decided collectively to end the story. The group and posts for Like a Dream can still be found at the Like a Dream YahooGroup. However the original website that contained all the information of the players, the characters and the story has been long gone.

Will you complete your fanfiction: Elements of Song?
Unfortunately, no. So much time has elapsed since I started that particular story that to go back to it now would cause an abrupt change in writing style.

What happened to the other fanfictions that you were going to write?
Forbidden Fruit was written during a very specific timeline almost a decade ago as a trilogy. The first story was nearing completion when I stopped cold turkey. Ironically enough, many of the elements that I wrote in Forbidden Fruit (and its sequels) happened in the movie The Prince and Me so I don’t think I will be completing this anytime soon.