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Endeavors: One Woman Cabaret Show

During the summer of 2012 I was helping a friend organize her thoughts for possibilities of a cabaret show based on the various men in her life. She was in only one major relationship in her life and she ended up marrying him, but she always found herself in other situations that dealt with men while in college and thereafter.

That got me thinking, if I was as beautiful of a vocalist as she was what songs would I use in the cabaret show of my love life… Or lack of one? I have had my fair share of ups and downs when it came to men… Most of the people I surrounded myself with were men… But considering my major of choice was that really any surprise?

Take that a step further: of a conversation a friend of mine and I had about wishing that our lives were just one big musical how would that sound like? What moments in our lives would we just break out into song for? A massive soundtrack of my life so to speak would be the better way to describe it.

Well… ironically enough, I have been to a few weddings where one of the party favors that the guests were allowed to bring home with them was a CD of various songs that the happily married couple put together that they felt best describe their life. So I decided to conjure up a list of songs that would make up the story of my life up to the current moment in time. Each song below is a defining moment in my life when it comes to my interactions with relationships… Unfortunately for you I won’t tie the songs to any names, what’s the point?

Since I am a huge show tunes fan I will provide two lists… One that involves the mainstream / pop / radio songs. The other would be strictly show tunes. Unfortunately for you, you are not going to be able to see who or what each of the following songs would pinpoint in my life… but that is the joy of it, no?

So here are the list of songs… in no particular order:

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