Fleeting: Eating Words

So who remembers this post from over three years ago? You know the one… the one where I was “closing the door” and “leaving” community theatre because I felt dead inside and there simply wasn’t any joy in it for me? Where theatre was more of a parasite rather than something that I can truly […]

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Fleeting: Bertrice Small’s “The Kadin”

One weekend recently I randomly went to a favorite second hand store and found myself perusing the historical romance section… Particularly Bertrice Small. Bertrice Small (whom recently passed away before completing her 57th novel) was the first historical romance (bodice ripping to be perfectly blunt) author that I was introduced to… and has been one […]

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Fleeting: Harry Potter “What Ifs” Part Two

So in the past two posts I mentioned some fanfiction that I found myself reading in their entirety and the “What If” scenarios that caught my attention despite my love of fanfictions that stick with canon. However, since the “What If” scenario that posits what would happen should Cassius Warrington of Slytherin were to be […]

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Fleeting: Harry Potter “What Ifs”

Yup… another Harry Potter related post… So… in the last post I mentioned that I can’t really get into some fanfiction if it changes canon that was already set by the original author. However, there are some “What If” scenarios that have been making the rounds that caught my attention and I decided… well why […]

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Fleeting: Harry Potter Fanfiction

Recently I found myself going down a Harry Potter rabbit hole… don’t ask me why, it just happened. The problem with fanfiction and me is that I prefer fanfiction that sticks with what is canon (aka nothing from the original material has changed) and yet it expands from the already established world from the original […]

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Quossover: Cinderella

Earlier in the year (back in the spring) my friend wanted to see the live-action film version of Disney’s Cinderella, and so I accompanied her. When it comes to the online world, Cinderella is not typically considered a prime role model for the “modern female”. Cinderella being the traditional “rags-to-riches” story depicted a young lady […]

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Fleeting: Preferred Review Sites – Literary Review Websites

Originally posted under “Odds and Ends”, it made more sense to have this as an individual post for now… LITERARY REVIEW WEBSITES Love Vampires: Dedicated to Vampire Fiction LoveVampires is a website dedicated to vampire genre and urban fantasy fiction. Our primary function is to provide informative books reviews about not just the latest book […]

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Review: Wheaton Drama’s “The 39 Steps”

Wow… it has been a while since I have done one of these. Looking back on my history it would appear that the last one that I saw was Brightside Theater’s Moonlight and Magnolias, which was done back in early September of… 2013?!?!? Oh my gosh… So what has kept me from reviewing all the […]

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The Floating Around “Theatre Survey”

So because I prefer this type of thing on a blog post or as a Facebook note as opposed to via a status message… Here ya go! Last show added to your resume: As director or actor? “Into the Woods” (actor) Last show you auditioned for: “Lucky Stiff” Did You Get It? Nope Last Song […]

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Reflection: NBC’s The Sing-Off Season 4

So I totally mis-understood the televised schedule for this little gem and decided that since it is already a few weeks after the “finale”, I am probably better off just posting my thoughts about NBC’s The Sing-Off on my personal blog as opposed as on the blog… at least until I get my life […]

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Review: BrightSide Theatre’s Moonlight and Magnolias

Last weekend I had the pleasure of accompanying a friend of mine to see her husband portray Victor Fleming in BrightSide Theatre’s production of Moonlight and Magnolias. Originally I wasn’t going to write a review for this particular production because I was under the belief that this coming weekend was closing weekend. However, in finding […]

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Reflection: Why Do I Write (Reviews)

This was a question that has been percolating in my mind for quite some time and caused a lot of soul searching for a vast multitude of reasons. I go and see shows and support people I know, friends, etc… just like most anyone else, but not everyone writes their thoughts down… so why do […]

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Review: BrightSide Theatre’s God of Carnage

So technically this was written a month or so ago, and even though it is probably a moot point to post this, I decided instead to just wrap it up and post it anyway since I enjoyed this production regardless: Show: GOD OF CARNAGE By: Yasmina Reza Translated By: Christopher Hampton Location: BrightSide Theatre Director: […]

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Reflection: Sense & Sensibility the Musical

Now that I have had a few days to really let Denver’s production of Sense & Sensibility musical by Jeffrey Haddow and Neal Hampton sink in I could give details of what I liked and didn’t like, etc… CHARACTER / ACTOR BREAKDOWN The first thing I noticed was that aside from six characters: – Elinor […]

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Review: Sense & Sensibility World Premiere in Denver

Wow, it was almost a year ago that I was listening to the music clips on the Sense and Sensibility the Musical website and was drawn into the show… Draw into it enough to want to see the production upon its arrival in Denver. It has been a year and well… I did end up […]

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