PureTVNetwork FAQ

What is the Pure TV Network?
From the website:

The Pure TV Network is a group of blogs writing about TV shows. The original focus of the Pure TV Network focused on reality TV and in particular the music that is broadcast to the world through reality TV, but is quickly expanding to include blogs from all of the major network TV shows.

Pure Dancing with the Stars, Pure So You Think You Can Dance, Pure America’s Got Talent, Pure X-Factor are all part of this network and the sites are all run by John Lynn

What do you write about at Pure Dancing with the Stars?
Primarily: Predictions. I use data from all the previous seasons and try to predict who would be eliminated before the season even begins. I also use a similar method and attempt to predict the scores before the Monday performance show. During the off season I have attempted (and in some cases stopped) posting a side-by-side comparison of dances done to recycled songs.

During Season 14 I added something new in that after every week (or few weeks) I would post a reflection of the predictions thus far. Throughout the season and thereafter I would also add in any additional posts that provide additional statistical and data analysis of the dancers, professional, or anything else in between. This has eventually become known as the PureDWTS Stats Class.

What do you do at Pure So You Think You Can Dance and Pure America’s Got Talent?
Up til the current year, I primarily helped out with the music lists from the auditions. I have a trained enough ear that I could figure out almost all the music that happened in the various episodes up until the live show.