UPDATES!: Blogging in General and Beyond

So… I haven’t blogged on my personal site as much as I would have liked… and I have been busy… very very busy.

For the most part I just comment on what I see, where I went and what I do… I purposely avoid anything extremely personal mainly because that’s something that should remain close to my heart… In time that might change, I just haven’t decided how or when quite yet.

Until then this is what I have been up to and what to expect from me down the road.

PureTVNetwork: PureDWTS, PureSYTYCD and PureAmericasGotTalent
Blogging… probably one of the major things that is really keeping me busy during my current sabbatical from the theatre world. Since the summer is where two of the more popular shows: So You Think You Can Dance and America’s Got Talent are on and as thus I’ve been focusing the majority of my free time in creating new pages so there are references for the readers to follow… the majority of that work is almost complete so I could go back and focus on a few projects that I have had planned for the past couple of months for Pure Dancing With the Stars… hopefully that will wrap up within a few weeks.

In the Fall when NBC’s The Voice returns I will be adding that to my blogging dance card over at Pure TV Network. There are rumors of another blogging opening within the network… but I can’t reveal the exact nature until a later date. But I can say that it is SYTYCD related.

Working behind the Scenes:
Granted I jump away from the stage to be working on adapting a short story for the stage and learning about the technical side of the theatre… but as for actually being on stage… let’s just say there are quite a few shows I’m looking into possibly auditioning.

In the meantime I am learning about sound design/engineering from a technically advanced guy in the field and am learning alot… hopefully, overtime, I’ll learn a bit about lighting design as well as stage management from that group in the upcoming months.

Writing, Writing, Writing:
Well… I submitted a movie proposal earlier in the summer and was gently rejected due to other plum projects… which is ok, I didn’t expect anything to happen. In the mean time I am working on adapting a work from Ray Bradbury’s The Illustrated Man for the stage… as for when that is going to be put onto the stage is anyone’s guess.

There are a few other writing projects that are on hold or in the editing stages, time permitting. But considering my six week sabbatical from theatre is almost up… who knows if I’ll ever get to them in time.

Outings and Reviews:
There have been quite a few audiobooks that I recently listened to and will be re-listening to soon. So expect a long list of Literary Reviews to be posted in the coming months. Also I have seen a few shows in the community theatre world so I will be posting my impressions on those productions in due time as well.

I think that’s it… Yes, I’ve been busy. Yes I am planning on traveling… Yes, I am now working two jobs. But you don’t see me complaining do you?