Reflection: NBC’s The Sing-Off Season 4

So I totally mis-understood the televised schedule for this little gem and decided that since it is already a few weeks after the “finale”, I am probably better off just posting my thoughts about NBC’s The Sing-Off on my personal blog as opposed as on the blog… at least until I get my life back to relative normal instead of burned-out.

In case you don’t know, NBC’s The Sing-Off:

[…] showcases the country’s top a cappella groups performing popular songs in ways that viewers have never heard before. “The Sing-Off” has no lip-syching, backup bands or safety net.

Granted even though the series has been on hiatus for over a year, it was nice to see this back on the airwaves. However, one cannot help but wonder if this was because of the slowly growing success of Season Three’s winner Pentatonix?

And if you have been living under a rock for the past year… here is Pentatonix’s Evolution of Beyonce:

The fourth season of “The Sing-Off” showcased ten a cappella groups over seven weeks of singing, competing for a recording contract and $100,000…

So who won?


Anyway… As much as I liked the season and it being around the Christmas holiday season… I thought it went by way too quickly. Only two weeks for seven episodes? Not cool… I was expecting this to be a mid-season filler over the winter months. Perhaps opening the season right after NBC’s The Voice in the final two or three weeks and then continuing through the holidays into January. Then the season finale could land around January / February in time for The Voice to start up again.

But that’s just me, this time America could actually see this gem in all its glory as opposed to a quick drop in the ocean, and seven weeks would be more than enough time for America to catch on and keep with the season.

As for the public voting in, probably take what Dancing with the Stars and So You Think You Can Dance is doing and have the previous weeks votes determine who would be in the bottom two… then have all the contestants go through their songs and have a sing-off at the end of the show with the elimination.

It could work!

Anyway. This is a series that I am very glad to see back on the airwaves and one that I would love to see come back again… Maybe as a mid-summer show as well.

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