UPDATE: PureTVNetwork and other Odds and Ends

So… with the announcement of the pairings on the Monday directly after the Olympics in London ended I have been hard at work not only posting the pre-season elimination predictions to include the announced professional partners, but on the PureDWTS Predictions: Professional Partners page that is housed on my personal blog.

I have also been going back in time and working on the previous seasons to see if there is any possibility of overscoring in comparison to past seasons.

Hopefully I’ll get all this done prior to my leaving the country and heading to the other side of the world to visit family for a spell.

In the meantime head on over to Pure So You Think You Can Dance and Pure America’s Got Talent for some of my other postings since both will start up this week now that the Olympics are over.

Over at the Pure TV Network blog, any updates I may have in regards to NBCs the Voice will be posted.