UPDATE: Website Additions and Changes

After looking through the years of writing projects that I’ve shelved, I’m dusting off a lot of what I have written and posting them at “Beyond the Abyss”, a side blog dedicated to everything related to my fictional writing projects (primarily fanfiction and some original).

I am doing this primarily because questions have popped up over the years in regards to some of the things I have written and were discontinued for one reason or another. This particular side blog will be connected primarily with such projects like Currents, Like a Dream, and the fanfiction Elements of Song that I have worked on in the past and will post ideas, characters, background that I feel have no chance of being revisited again in the near future. Another web-drama that never got a chance to come off the ground was Rosarito, I may provide insight to that particular never launched web serial depending on which characters/background I may recycle for future works.

In the meantime, in the coming months I will be busy blogging at other sites:
Pure America’s Got Talent (Mondays and Tuesdays)
– Providing the music list and personal thoughts/power rankings on the acts that have come through the show

Pure So You Think You Can Dance (Wednesdays)
– Providing the music list and personal thoughts on the dancers during the auditions and power rankings when the performances are live

Pure Dancing with the Stars (Thursdays and/or Fridays)
– Providing comparison statistics of previous seasons to this last season
– Providing statistics and graphs of celebrities rumored to be on the show for the Season 15 All-Star Season in the Fall

Also in preparation for Season 15 of Dancing with the Stars, because so many questions have popped up I will be providing expository calculations, reasoning and breakdowns as to how I come up with the predicted calculations and pre-season elimination predictions. These pages will be found via the PureDWTS page on my personal blog.

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