Daily Archives: 2 April 2013

Reflection: If I Had Gone Into Teaching…

For the longest time I believed that I would have gone into teaching as my career. That didn’t happen despite my extensive resume working in education either as a tutor, counselor, orientation leader, academic adviser, credential specialist… well the list keeps going.

However, as much as I would have loved to be able there in the front lines to corrupt inspire young, impressionable minds I will have to admit that a part of me is rather relieved to not have gone through that particular route…

Moreso now after reading the CNN article about what teachers would love to tell parents.

There has been a growing wave against teachers by parents versus for… and it is appalling to see this transition over time. Now I do have several friends that are parents and there are certain situations when I understand the need to confront teachers (as it were) but for the most part… for the average student… no… not really.

This article focuses on three primary points:
1) Please quit with all the excuses
2) Parents, be a partner instead of a prosecutor
3) Teachers walking on eggshells

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