Possibilities: So Now What?

After several months of being busy non-stop during the days and evenings both on weekdays and weekends I suddenly find myself in a position where I may actually have time to kill.

So now what?

Well… if you have read a few of my previous posts I have left clues here and there as to what I could possibly have on the back burner:

Ever since Seth Rudetsky’s off chance comment of turning the musical Chess into a movie… my imagination has been going into high gear of inspiration of various writing projects that I wanted to get back into or desiring to start again.

Also with various reality television shows coming back in March… my blogging endeavors will take over once again particularly for:
NBC’s The Voice: Monday, 25 March at 7:00 pm Central
ABC’s Dancing with the Stars: Monday, 18 March at 7:00pm Central
And hopefully (time permitting) NBC’s new matchmaking reality show:
NBC’s Ready for Love: Sunday, 31 March 7:00pm Central

Where could you find the above? Well my posts for Dancing with the Stars you can find over at Pure Dancing with the Stars aka PureDWTS.com and all the other would be at Pure TV Network aka PureTVNet.

Well… there is a long list of books and audio books that I need to catch up on as evidence from my sparse Literary Review posts.

Most of these books stem anywhere from historical fiction, to mysteries, to children and young adult novels… to autobiographies… the list just goes on and on and on.

Somehow with a particular group of friends lately… I started finding myself in a mindset where I am enjoying the idea of putting costumes together. Starting with ideas stemming from the Fables comic series by Bill Willingham to various corset-inspired costumes to various Renaissance inspired costumes.

Taking it a step further there are sites out there that provide ideas for putting items together that were inspired by various Disney characters (aka DisneyBound) or even Pokemon characters (Pokesemble or 29CentPens. Putting even these pieces together are proving to be much more enjoyable than originally believed.

So yeeeeaaaah.

Now enough about the various short term and ongoing goals… how about something a little more long term?

After my last trip to Disneyland I found someplace that I am more than intrigued about. In particular “Walt Disney Imagineering“… why? Because it is one of the few companies that I know of thus far that combines everything I love about engineering and the creative arts into one beautifully packed little package.

Finally there is always the…

But the above kind of goes without saying… so we’ll see how far I go with this one. Granted I am inspired by the endeavors of a friend of mine who has been blogging his daily experience and endeavors via Health Kwest / Genghis Grill

Hmm… even without theatre I still have a fairly full plate and the above is only scraping the surface if I recall… but the itch has already started… so I suppose it is only a matter of time before I find myself hitting the audition circles again.

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