Fleeting: Why Do I Blog?

Well the easiest answer would be that blogging is a simple way to keep my writing skills up to par… or just below par all things considered.

Then again, I was talking to an acquaintance of mine who was thinking of creating a blog about ways to be more green in the office, at home, out and about, etc… and she believed that when someone is “blogging” there is typically a theme associated with their blog.

So when she asked what the theme of my blog was, I was hard pressed to find a suitable answer. In the end I believe the consensus was that my personal blog are just any and every random thought that comes through my head that I just need to write out in some capacity or another otherwise I would be prone to over-thinking about said thought as opposed to placing said thought off to the side or back burner to focus on something else that is more pressing.

How’s that for a nice convoluted answer?

But really… why do I blog?

Well I started blogging as way to organize my thoughts on community theatre productions I have seen over the years.

I started blogging because I found that I was cooking up dishes and sharing them at parties and get togethers where there were other people that wanted to know the recipe of said dish.

Blogging was a way for me to continue to use my preferred domain name without losing it or just letting it sit there aimlessly.

By putting this blog together I am able to put down thoughts so I could save myself from repeating them to other friends, acquaintances, family members, etc…

I blog because it is so much easier than talking about my life on twitter, facebook, tumblr, etc.

And so much more.

A friend of mine has a personal blog via wordpress.com and had posted the following status message:

I’m trying to get on a schedule with my blog. Not sure what to write about tonight.

To me I found that to be an odd statement, because easily I could think of several things based on status messages said earlier in the day:
– Thoughts of movies recently seen
– Thoughts of the AFL Championship game prior to the Superbowl
– Thoughts of Downton Abbey, the latest television series that has kept the attention of many of my friends
– etc etc etc
The possibilities are endless!

Blogging isn’t something that needs to have a set thought or ideas… they could simply be a whole bunch of ideas all rolled into one. Or just a series of random thoughts that blogging allows one to force focus on and bring to life.

Then again, that’s me… and I consider myself a writer in a way… so what do I know? 😛

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