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Fleeting: Back on that Writing Saddle… Sort Of

One of the problems that have been fairly steady as of late versus ten plus years ago is that although ideas, thoughts, and stories are constant in their presence and in the imagination, the actual writing of them into a cohesive unit is far more difficult

Case in point, one of the oldest fanfictions (what author does not create “what if scenarios” for their favorite characters) the process was fairly smooth in composition. Pick a starting point and simply write. The different groups of characters from three differing places of the world had their own stories to tell before they were to meet and seeing what they were doing came easily… more than easily… it was there.

Another story written before that, the storyline was fairly straightforward, but the writing thereof was not linear, it was all over the place. One moment it was towards the end of the store, the next it was the beginning, and then perhaps somewhere in the middle. Just all over the place until the entirety finally poured on to the page and was then completed.

Nowadays find the writing just as piece meal as it was in those early days. With ideas and storyline all over the place but no real cohesive unit anywhere except in the grandiose scheme of things.

Like right now, as much as one would try to focus on a particular character… another group of characters (currently dubbed “The Musketeers”) just keep clamoring to be seen, then again, gentlemen of that persuasion tend to want for attention. What is an author to do than to write the scene involving these particular enigmatic group of gentlemen and see what would happen.

So what did happen?

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Fleeting: Going off the Radar

Not because I don’t want to continue blogging… but because there is a shift happening. In particular So You Think You Can Dance and America’s Got Talent are both going on and guess who gets to write those?

Yep… me.

But also I have been going back to my writing projects and have been working on a few projects here and there. So the shift of my blogging would probably end up focusing on whatever writing project I am working on…

So what would I reveal?
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Reflection: Why Do I Write (Reviews)

This was a question that has been percolating in my mind for quite some time and caused a lot of soul searching for a vast multitude of reasons. I go and see shows and support people I know, friends, etc… just like most anyone else, but not everyone writes their thoughts down… so why do it?

I think the better question is “why am I questioning myself?” Afterall I already have a bit of a following on the Pure Dancing with the Stars blog with my predictions and not everyone is going to agree and really opinions shouldn’t have to agree. Take it with a grain of salt and move on that is the constant mantra over there. (You think I’m kidding? There are a lot of passionate fans over there and they get offended by everything big and small… it is getting rather ridiculous if you ask me.)

But predicting who is going to get what score is very different from reviewing a production that your friends and acquaintances are in. There are more (familiar) egos at stake and are much more prone to bruising… everything is so subjective. Over in the Pure TV Network it is a series of media sites with several writers with differing opinions, while this is a blog of my own thoughts.

So how did I get started in reviewing in the first place…?

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Possibilities: So Now What?

After several months of being busy non-stop during the days and evenings both on weekdays and weekends I suddenly find myself in a position where I may actually have time to kill.

So now what?

Well… if you have read a few of my previous posts I have left clues here and there as to what I could possibly have on the back burner:

Ever since Seth Rudetsky’s off chance comment of turning the musical Chess into a movie… my imagination has been going into high gear of inspiration of various writing projects that I wanted to get back into or desiring to start again.

Also with various reality television shows coming back in March… my blogging endeavors will take over once again particularly for:
NBC’s The Voice: Monday, 25 March at 7:00 pm Central
ABC’s Dancing with the Stars: Monday, 18 March at 7:00pm Central
And hopefully (time permitting) NBC’s new matchmaking reality show:
NBC’s Ready for Love: Sunday, 31 March 7:00pm Central

Where could you find the above? Well my posts for Dancing with the Stars you can find over at Pure Dancing with the Stars aka PureDWTS.com and all the other would be at Pure TV Network aka PureTVNet.

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Fleeting: Why Do I Blog?

Well the easiest answer would be that blogging is a simple way to keep my writing skills up to par… or just below par all things considered.

Then again, I was talking to an acquaintance of mine who was thinking of creating a blog about ways to be more green in the office, at home, out and about, etc… and she believed that when someone is “blogging” there is typically a theme associated with their blog.

So when she asked what the theme of my blog was, I was hard pressed to find a suitable answer. In the end I believe the consensus was that my personal blog are just any and every random thought that comes through my head that I just need to write out in some capacity or another otherwise I would be prone to over-thinking about said thought as opposed to placing said thought off to the side or back burner to focus on something else that is more pressing.

How’s that for a nice convoluted answer?

But really… why do I blog?
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Fleeting: Writing a Cover Letter or Essay for College Application

Recently one of my cousins was studying for the SATs and ACTs in hopes to scoring well so that he may be able to attend the university of his choice. During a conversation with him and another relative it came out that said cousin had yet (at that time) to figure out what to write for his college essay application and didn’t know where to start.

As those that have been through where he was five to fifteen years ago we naturally gave some advice to what and where he could start. But there was something else I told him… that in the end it isn’t what you have done that matters but what you can bring to the table.

Most students / kids / young adults would argue that by saying that it means what their GPA, standardized test scores, accolades, etc have to show for them. But in all reality they don’t always tell the whole story.
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Endeavors: NaNoWriMo Weeks 2 and 3

Ok… so it would appear that it takes me another two weeks before I found a block of time to sit down and just write again.

So for a quick update of Week 3 (since I did squat in Week 2):
Day 15: edited the first ten-minute scripted. Deleted a character and streamlined the script more before sending out to a few friends.

Day 18: edited the first ten-minute again after talking to friends and going back to old comments. Also worked on other ten-minute scripts. Reprinted script that I didn’t have access to originally.

Day 19: I wrapped up all the scenes that were missing in the accidental deletion bring the overall word count to 5,019 (words written / added: 326).

Day 21: Expanding the Sixth Scene in the series of vignettes as well as re-worked a few of the earlier scenes so that the Narrator wouldn’t be talking so much or rather narrating the piece too much by himself. Also added an afterword kind of describing the purpose of the work and the inspiration. Word count: 6,010 (words written / added: 991).

Conclusion: So I did manage to get some decent work in, I am impressed with myself. It only took a week of doing squat before I was able to get back into the groove of writing.

However, there is no way I will be able to hit the 50,000 word goal that is typically set by NaNoWriMo unless by some miracle I pull off an all day marathon writing session… and who knows if that would happen.

What I will say is that for the series of vignettes, now that one scene is completed I am back to going back to the research material to plan out what I would like to do next. So it might be a day or two until I actually get anymore writing done, unless something presents itself.

Ah well… one can hope I suppose.

As for another other posts? I am not exactly dry on the posting front I have just been focused on getting some legitimate writing done this month since that was the commitment I made. Eventually I’ll start posting again… but until then I will work on the writing projects and maybe if things work out I’ll post a few tidbits, but somehow I am doubt that I would even do that.