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Endeavors: Corseted Inspired Costumes

So I have been on a kind of corset kick lately… to the point that I have been putting together costume ideas for the next time I go to a convention or maybe even Halloween (shocker!). So why am I on this corset related kick?

Well to start, when I realized that my measurements were fairly proportional to one another (bustline and hips are within an inch of one another and my waist being around four to five inches smaller) the idea that a corset could squeeze that into an almost perfect hourglass shape (nine to ten inch difference between bust/hips to waist), it really emphasized the natural curves that most women seem to lack nowadays.

So now that I know the strength of my figure, the idea of putting together costumes that I know I could pull off well started to seep into my mind… below are just a few ideas…


LuluposterOne of the costume ideas I have been staring at for years was the amazing costume from Final Fantasy X of Lulu. Now there are a lot of well done costumes out there already, but I am a little obsessed with the idea of having a corset as the primary piece and everything else would be rather simple to piece together from everything else.

In fact when Pendragon Costumes recently posted a picture of a new piece – via their Facebook Page – I knew I found my staple not just for Lulu but for a Steampunk costume should I desire it.

The irony of finding my base has led me to find other pieces online that I could use for my costume… most notably all the jewelry / hair pieces, the doll that Lulu uses… and even a YouTube video of someone showing how to use one’s hair to mimic that of Lulu’s without having to get a wig. Which for someone like me with long thick black hair… I prefer using it as much as possible.

I still have a few pieces to put together, namely the belted underskirt, the sleeves and the top fur trim, but I think for the most part I can get those done on my own as soon as the dress comes in. 🙂

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Literary Review: The Guardians of Childhood (Books One and Two) by William Joyce

After watching The Rise of the Guardians last month I immediately got intrigued (as I often do) with the idea that some of the worlds most loved icons were real and guarding the children. That here is Santa Claus (also known as North), the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy and the Sandman (aka Sandy) who are protecting the children and their hopes and dreams from the evil Bogeyman (aka Pitch Dark).

So when I realized (upon some research) that the Rise of the Guardians were based off of a series of children’s novels by the writer William Joyce, I eagerly found the audiobooks for the first two in the series and am looking forward to listening to the third and the fourth.

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Recipe: Mini Pumpkin Pie Croissants

Another Harry Potter related recipe that my friend wanted to try was the Mini Pumpkin Pie Croissants. Now for me not being a huge fan of pumpkin to begin with was already apprehensive… but she was all for it, especially since she had a can of “canned pumpkin” that she wanted to use.

Unlike the other recipes we’ve tried up to this point, this wasn’t a hit out of the park by any stretch of the imagination. In fact when just mixing the cream cheese with the canned pumpkin the consensus was that the filling was very bland… so my friend (who was the primary chef this time around) decided to spice the filling up before “stuffing” it into the croissants. So what did she add?
– sugar
– powdered sugar
– cinnamon
– nutmeg
– cloves
And those are only the ones I managed to catch… who knows what else she may have added. In fact when looking at the comments below the recipe it appears that anyone that tried the recipe had a similar issue:

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Endeavors: Bake-a-thon! Round One!

This past weekend I met up with a friend for an all day session of baking, cooking, and taste testing. We managed to compare schedules months ago and found a day that the both of us were free. So after weeks of saying “we need to get together to bake and cook” we finally did it.

So what did we make? Well… let’s just say a lot of possibilities across the spectrum… but here are the recipes I decided to start off with:
– Cheesy Popovers
– Cheese Bread
– Creamy Artichoke Soup
Molten Lava Cupcakes (dark chocolate with candy canes)

What else did we make? Other ideas that floated around:
– Butterbeer Ice Cream
– Snickers Brownie
– Pumpkin Croissant

So what actually happened? Well…

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Reflection: Snow White and Bigby’s Seven Cubs

Recently my trade paperback copy of the Fables series came in the mail… Volume 18: Cubs in Toyland, which included the Fables issues 114 thru 123. Where the first seven issues were about Therese and Darien’s adventures in Disturbia (aka Toyland) and issues 122 and 123 were called “The Destiny Game” where we learn about a young lady whose job is to assign destinies.

But this post is about the first seven issues…. or more specifically a re-analyzation of an old prophecy the was revealed in the form of a one-shot comic released to the public as a giveaway during a Fables panel at the San Diego Comic Con.

It is within the above one-shot comic that we learn a prophecy that dealt with the children of Snow White and Bigby Wolf:

The first child will be a king.
The second child a pauper.
The third will do an evil thing.
The fourth will die to stop her.
The fifth will be a hero bold.
The sixth will judge the rest.
The seventh lives to ages old, and is by heaven blessed

Up until the end of the “Babes in Toyland” storyline we now know three of the seven cubs have been given their fates:


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Review: Profiles Theatre’s Hellcab

Last week I had the pleasure to see a friend of mine in Profiles Theatre’s production of Hellcab. The first thing I said to him about his performance was that it took til almost the end of the show for me to be any where close to certain as to which character he played.

However, there was just enough doubt in me that I leaned over to my friend (his wife) after the show and ask, “your husband was the blind man, right?” Typically I am pretty good at playing “spot my talented friend” be it on stage or on film… in this case, not realizing which one was my friend was a feat in itself.

If you don’t already know the general production of Hellcab, it is a slew of scenes of various people and their interactions with the cab driver (the main character who was on stage for the entirety of the production). However, instead of having a small slew of actors playing multiple roles, each individual role was cast with a different actor… making this the largest cast production of Hellcab (that I know of to date).

However, considering the concept of this anniversary season of Profiles Theatre is it really any surprise that they would go all out?

When walking into the theatre for your seats the first thing you notice is that there is a full-sized cab sitting in the middle of the stage. The roof was sawed off and both passenger seats were taken out… but for the most part the cab was all there and in reasonable working condition (well reasonable enough).

What do I mean?

Well the cabbie is able to turn left or right and you can see the tires actually turn. The cab’s headlights were working for some of the scenes set in the middle of the night. (Though being an engineer I am kind of curious if they were run from the cabbie in the scene or from a separate tech crew… I should probably ask my friend but I digress).

Since there are so many characters outside of the cab driver, I won’t be able to run through them all (mainly because I don’t remember who they were, or which actors / actresses played what)… so what I’ll do is just notate the highlights.

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Entertainment: Invisible Driver Prank

This has got to be one of the most entertaining things I have seen in a long time:

Did you watch? Did you?

Well… come on… did you?

Go ahead… watch… I’ll wait…

Done? Good… now jump past the break.
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