Reflection: Now That I have Found Heaven, How Do I Get Into Paradise?

Well, after the weekend trip through Disneyland and the Disney California Adventure I realized something… Disney Imagineering is probably the closest to what I hoped to be able to do when I grow up. In Imagineering I am able to meld the two parts of me into one total being without having to choose one or the other.

How do I know this? Well in DCA there was a little cabin just off the main path called “Blue Sky Cellar” and in there were all the plans for the Disneyland expansion: Fantasy Faire. But it wasn’t the final product that intrigued me, it was the process leading into the final product. Essentially I found my heaven.

However, getting into Paradise is proving to be a tumultuous journey, mainly because the only available position at the moment is for a Senior Electrical Engineer, which I am woefully underqualified for… well, to be honest the only qualification I do not have is the Professional Engineering License, which I cannot get without taking and passing the Fundamentals of Engineering exam. Hmmm….

Looks like I actually have a reason to pursue the PE license, in the meantime I have to consider updating my resume and cover letter showing that I had every intention of pursuing a PE license, but that I decided to push it back due to my desire to pursue the creative/performing arts.

Researching a bit more about Imagineering, I find that the design process fits more with what I want to do in life. Not only that but it also caters with

Ironic isn’t it… of all my Disney enthusiast friends, I am the one that is the least outwardly enthusiastic, however… when I really am interested in something I will poke and scrap at the mountain until I could find a way to get in or rather involved.

But now there is another issue, in every trip that involves me stopping in L.A. area for any reason, I have gotten sick, like crazy sick. So that begs the question… is my getting sick a consequence of my not taking care of myself well, or a consequence of that my body does not like L.A. at all? I am tempted to say that it is a little bit of both.

Decisions, decisions… when I went onto this trip to L.A. I half jokingly said that part of this is a work related trip and building connections… who would have thought that I would be much closer to the truth than anticipated.

Now the question remains… what do I do now?

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