Fleeting: Disney Bounding

Not like this is anything new or what not, but I am a huge Disney geek. Granted I don’t show it off… I don’t see the need to, but among some of my more vocal Disney friends… I consider myself up there.

So when talking to a friend about the upcoming trip to Disneyland I was seriously considering if I could Disney Bound there. “Disney Bound? What’s that?” Well Disney bounding is a term coined recently by a blogger that started putting outfits together that were inspired by various Disney characters. Pretty much anything goes. Essentially with all the Disney characters (and others that may tickle her fancy) she puts together outfits that you could either wear everyday, out on the town, while exercising…

Which brings me to the original purpose of this post, “Who or what am I going to Disney Bound?” Well, I don’t know. Right now I have close to full costume-ish ideas for Esmeralda, Briar Rose (when she is living with her three fairy godmothers)… which I could easily tap into for any potential costume related parties down the road…

As for just everyday wear? Well a few ideas that came to mind include:

– Silvermist: Blue denim pants and the sweater top that blends from dark blue at the bottom to white at the top
– Briar Rose (when living with the three fairy godmothers): Grey pants, white tank top with black sweater
– Ursula: black pants with a dark purple/maroon/dark blue tank top and black sweater
– Mulan: off-white pants with a dark blue or maroon tank top and either a blue or pink sweater top

Yeah… I know… short list. But can you blame me? In the end I just tossed on some clothes and hit the parks without a care in the world… well I enjoyed the parks too… mustn’t forget that. 😉 Besides I got more than plenty of pictures of the various characters moseying around in Disneyland and Disney California Adventure… and of other costumes and DisneyBounders that I found to be rather interesting….

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