Recipe: (Gluten Free) Molten Lava Cake Variations

20121218-195252.jpgIn a previous post I talked about my attempt of turning the molten lava cake recipe into something more cupcake-y… and then how I tried to adapt the same recipe for friends of mine that is gluten-free.

But why should I stop at the traditional molten lava cake? I mean there are other bags of “chips” that I had readily accessible that are outside of the semi-sweet chocolate vein… including but not limited to butterscotch (which I have used for the Butterbeer Cupcake recipe), cinnamon (in hopes of creating a chocolate / cinnamon cupcake adaptation), white chocolate… and others.

So that is why in this post I decided to really take it another step and create other variations of the molten lava cake recipe by using first the white chocolate chips and the later the butterscotch chips.

20121218-195543.jpgFirst I did the most obvious change from the original adaptation with Kahlua and candy canes… instead of the semi-sweet chocolate I used the white chocolate ships. Still the 8oz portion of chips and I kept the candy canes and the peppermint mocha kahlua.

However, instead of making the mistake of creating a full batch, I decided to bake a test batch. By looking at the original recipe the hardest ingredient to take a fraction / portion of would be the eggs. Since the original recipe calls for three full eggs AND three egg yolks the answer of how large the test batch would be seemed to be quite obvious: cut the recipe into one-third.

The irony is that by creating the “test batch” I ended up with approximately six or seven cupcakes… largely dependent on how much batter I poured into each cupcake portion.

I also decided that the idea of letting the cupcakes bake in the oven for the full ten minutes to be a bit odd since the portions are smaller for the cupcake size as opposed to custard sized. Nevertheless I kept the baking time the same because I wanted to cook the batter through so that the melted center wouldn’t be a massive mess.

20121218-195309.jpgAs it would turn out by allowing the cupcakes to “just barely” cook through the centers were still moist, but not liquid… and for me that was perfectly fine.

What about my second test batch? Well the simple answer would be that I swapped the chocolate for the butterscotch chips and instead of using the kahlua (of any variety) I opted for the rum… thinking that if it worked for the rum cake recipe it should be fine with the butterscotch. Boy, was I right about that!

Now, the obvious next step would be for me to start working on the gluten free test batches using the Cup 4 Cup gluten-free flour that I recently purchased… But laziness took over and besides I already tested a gluten free batch with the Bob’s Red Mill flour, so Cup 4 Cup is known to be far superior… what am I worried about?

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