Entertainment: Tiny Houses / Cottages

At the moment I live in a cottage… a small one bedroom home with a great room, kitchen, bath and a little area in the back for the furnace and the washer/dryer. There is an attic and I have a backyard.

For a while I tickled with the idea of having a housewarming party, and in some ways I still am tickling with that idea, but I find I like the solitude and the idea that it is close yet far and away from everyone else I know. I have a little area in front for a small garden and it is close to everything I need to go to as well as walking distance to the train station.

If I was smart I would have bought a bike and just bike to work or to a friends’ place or what not… but that might be something for me to consider come the new year.

So why am I talking about where I live? Because I came across an article on Yahoo! about tiny homes and they featured a blog called Little Yellow Door which featured the creation, development and building of a tiny home by a young lady who at the beginning of her project had never lifted a tool in her life.

Now I have seen previous “tiny houses” articles in the past but never mentioned them before… so why now? Simple, because I realized that I live in a larger than “tiny home” but definitely smaller than a traditional home and with no sense of a family of my own in sight and my own desire to not have a roommate and not have a condo / apartment… I am beginning to think that finding a “small home” would be the way to go for me.

Granted I could be changing my mind in a few months to the next year, but what can you do?

From the same article there was a little side bit about the creator of Four Lights Houses and Tumbleweed Tiny House Company is in the process of creating a line of furniture pieces that would have multiple uses… which sounds like something that is right up my alley.

Granted, this is me we’re talking about here… I always loved finding items that had multiple uses (furniture wise), but finding them on budget? Well that has always been a bit of a struggle. However, I digress.

I have always found it rather fascinating how people could build their own smaller homes and live comfortably, but then considering where I live, should I be surprised. Anyway, this was just a thought and one that I don’t foresee myself personally doing, but then again the temptation to purchase a plot of land and then building a rather small home on the land is also rather tempting for me… caters to my need of efficiency.

However, I think I’ll stick to the multipurpose furniture and continue renting my cottage and perhaps just get around to plain decorating. 🙂