Endeavors: Bake-a-thon! Round One!

This past weekend I met up with a friend for an all day session of baking, cooking, and taste testing. We managed to compare schedules months ago and found a day that the both of us were free. So after weeks of saying “we need to get together to bake and cook” we finally did it.

So what did we make? Well… let’s just say a lot of possibilities across the spectrum… but here are the recipes I decided to start off with:
– Cheesy Popovers
– Cheese Bread
– Creamy Artichoke Soup
Molten Lava Cupcakes (dark chocolate with candy canes)

What else did we make? Other ideas that floated around:
– Butterbeer Ice Cream
– Snickers Brownie
– Pumpkin Croissant

So what actually happened? Well…

– Instead of Creamy Artichoke Soup it was more of Artichoke and Spinach Soup
– The Butterbeer Ice Cream was more of a Butterbeer Sorbet
– The original recipe for the Pumpkin Croissant was so bland that my friend spiced it up quite a bit before we felt it was ready to be baked in any capacity.

How is this any different from the Chef’s Tables that I posted about in the past? Well a Bake-a-Thon, involves me and one other person, swapping recipes and teaching each other what the other has learned. Whileas the Chef’s Table involves a group of friends and we bring a dish that coordinates with a particular theme.

In a lot of ways I use the Bake-a-Thon / Cook-a-Thon as a testing ground for the Chef’s Table… someone completely outside of the group of friends from the Chef’s Table who enjoys trying new food and ideas and is willing to let me use their kitchen for my own nefarious means.

How did the dishes fare? Well… you are going to have to wait til the individual recipe posts come up over the next month or so. Why should I ruin the fun now? 😉 However, if there is one thing that she and I agreed on, it is that next time we have a Bake-a-Thon / Cook-a-Thon we will tone down on the sweets and turn up the savory… >.<

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