UPDATES: Busy Busy Busy Little Bee

It’s that time of the year again and I am more than swamped between my day life and night life (if one could call it that). But what have I been up to? Well… Let’s start with shows that I have been or will be a part of:
Sound of Music: I was helping out with set / stage crew for this little ditty. But because I was a part of the show in some capacity I won’t be writing my thoughts about this production
Sister Mary Ignatius: this controversial piece was suppose to have its run in December, however due to casting difficulties the cast at that time (myself included) agreed to postpone the show until March
Blithe Spirit: rehearsal have yet to start, but this show will open in mid-February
You can find more information about upcoming shows that I am in via my Thespian page.

So I suppose you can say that I will be in rehearsals non stop until at least end of March… But what else has been going on in my life?

Shows that I have seen or will see:
Distant Worlds Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary Concert: saw this with several friends… Thoughts upcoming
The Grinch: saw this with a coworker earlier this week… Review upcoming
Rise of the Guardians: saw this movie with an acquaintance… Thoughts upcoming
The Hobbit: saw this movie with a few friends… Thoughts upcoming
It’s a Wonderful Life Radio Show (at Wheaton Drama): saw this with a friend… Review upcoming
Company (feat Neil Patrick Harris): will watch the DVD soon
Dreams of a Life: will watch the DVD soon

New soundtracks that I have listened to / acquired:
Matilda the Musical (from the West End)
Final Fantasy XIII (original soundtrack)
– latest Forbidden Broadway CD
– latest Jekyll & Hyde concept album

Of course there are other books, series, etc that I have been trying to read, catch up on as well including (but not limited to)
Divergent: on recommendation of a friend for more personal reasons
A Piece of My Heart

And then there are my personal writing projects… And all the blog posts of the above to write about, including a few new recipe posts…

Add into all that a trip to California with friends to enjoy the wonders of the Magic Kingdom as an adult… Another trip to Vietnam… A quick trip to Madison to visit friends… And a possible trip to Vancouver to visit another friend… I also should fit a trip to NYC as well…

Yeah… 2013 is going to be a crazy year.

As for posting? I plan on catching up… One of these millennias…