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Review: Les Miserables 2012 film

lesmistheatreDuring Christmas Day my parents and I were part of the legions of people that went to see Les Miserables on the large silver screen.

Granted considering that it was Opening Day for the film the theatre was going to be jam packed with people that got there early enough to get the prime seats. So my parents and I ended up sitting third row from the front. Not terrible, but definitely not preferred.

So how to describe Les Miserables? Well for the non-musical non-drama people out there I would say it like this:

Les Miserables is about the Gladiator who spends almost two decades chasing Wolverine who in turn saves and becomes guardian to The White Queen’s daughter who is in the keeping of Borat and Bellatrix (who provide much of the film’s comedy relief and are apparently proficient at pickpocketing).

The Gladiator also has a bunch of college students that are trying to overthrow the monarchy and trying to cause another revolution… which doesn’t end well. Oh and a bunch of people die using the precursors to lightsabers and phasors.

To get you into the mood… here is something rather diverting from the Polish stage cast of Les Miserables:

Anyway… enough goofing around… for spoilers go beyond the break:

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