UPDATES: Old Fanfiction Story – Circumstance

Once upon a time I developed a piece that brought the people of the Sailor Moon universe and implanted them into the Salem Witch Trials, but all I did was took all of their human characteristics and took all the fantastical aspects out of the equation.

I never did finish the story, I wrote only a couple of pieces in the beginning and a bit of the ending with the intent of writing the middle over the course of the year. Perhaps one day I’ll fill in the movie when I can.

In the meantime, head on over to “Beyond the Abyss” where for the next four days I’ll have posted my original breakdown and notes then eventually the pieces that I have already written.

Beyond the Abyss” is a blog that will focus on all the pieces of stories that I have shelved indefinitely over the years. If by some insane chance a current project has a story line that I couldn’t use for any reason then I’ll post those remnants there as well.

Happy reading!