Review: NBCs the Voice (Updates)

Before I begin here is one vocalist rendition of a Whitney Houston classic from “The Voice of Vietnam”

So NBCs the Voice has been on the airwaves for the past several weeks starting with the Blind Auditions on September 10th and 11th. The blind auditions have continued on for the next three weeks with the last set being October 1 / 2. Afterwards are the Battle Rounds. What is interesting is that tickets to watch the Battle Rounds live were issued for early August… so by this point in time those that are awaiting to be seen in the Live Rounds have been working on their bits for almost two months.

Blind Auditions:
– September 10 / 11 / 12
– September 17 / 18
– September 24 / 25
– October 1 / 2

I will provide commentary, information, thoughts sporadically once the Battle Rounds start over at the Pure TV Network blog. I have also been watching The Voice of Vietnam and will be posting a little bit about that (if it relates to the United States in anyway) over at that blog as well. Anything that is dealing strictly about The Voice of Vietnam you can find here on my personal blog.

What I have done is gone through all of the data in regards to the past two seasons and the current season and tried to quantify as much as possible in a spreadsheet.

If you remember I analyzed a little bit of the “Final Four” of the previous two seasons in a prior post as well as comparing how the four coaches did at the end of each season.

While I was watching the Blind Auditions (catching up is more like it) I noticed that Adam mentioned as an aside how much he loves winning the four chair battles and I was curious how many times has all four chairs turned around and who has won which four chair battles… The results were predictable from what I remember but at the same time it was also surprising when I started analyzing the Blind Auditions more thoroughly.

For more data analysis and details head over to Pure TV Network and look for future posts as I dive in and see what little tidbit the magical world of data analysis has revealed over time. 🙂