Vignette: Finding the Soulmate within a Knight / Prince

AUTHOR NOTES: I wrote this back in 2003 for my original website. I am just reposting for prosperity.

… he would be everything I need a man to be and more …

The knight and the prince, very different in definition yet very similar in ideals. This man that is both handsome and wise, intelligent and strong. A messenger from above he is one with strong morals, discipline, and Godly convictions. Within his heart he would have a nobility and goodness that is would command respect and admiration from those around him no matter where he goes.

As a Knight he would be unafraid of challenges as well as competent and able with strong confidence and ambition to succeed in life and love. He would be aggressive though gentle; kind and compassionate yet stern and just. His realistic views upon the world would not overshadows his idealistic dreams, but rather enforce and strengthen his beliefs allowing him to live life with a lighter note of humor and laughter.

As a Prince he would grow to become a leader, a man to look up and follow because it is his judgement that I would trust above all others. He would be a man of my church, and of my culture and heritage – he would believe and follow our values though not blindly but with an open mind and heart. He would love me and treat me as his Princess – his future Queen, and would consult to me when it is necessary.

Like all other men he would not be without his quirks – his eccentricities. He would be playful, passionate, walking with me through life with a smile and together we would enjoy the beauty that life has given us. On days when the clouds threaten our happiness we would be there to comfort the other.

This is the man that I would marry… A Knight and Prince in every sense of the word.

.: a love like no other – the love of a soulmate :.

The kind of love that is lasting and strong, the love that dreams are based from, the love that would surpass everything: distance, space, time and the normal everyday obstacles. This kind of love – true love – does not always happen easily, for some it takes time and effort, for others it just seems to happen.

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