Spirits of Atlantis: Original Notes

AUTHOR NOTES: This is a prose related story that I thought about writing and have shelved, but in time I may revisit this with a total revision. We’ll see.

A great few millenia or so ago there was a small city-nation that was the known center of the continent: Panjera II. Located in a massive seas that extended through the other cities and nations via rivers, it was a necessary trading center for some of the nation’s leading partisans and artists. True center of learning, their way of life surpass all others in wealth, knowledge and wisdom.

Citizens of this city-nation could only travel out of the city via means of sail and air. Even with this inconvenience Atlantis continued to grow and prosper, soon gaining allies in the underwater nation of mermaids and the neighboring nation of Valinor.

Though ruled for many years by a monarchy, they never strayed from the people, and infact took part in many of the festivals thrown by its citizens.

At first it seemed that perfection was inevitable… until the great flood crashed through the walls of the once great city and submerged the entire city into the sea, destroying Atlantis and the underwater city along with it. The elven nation was soon engulfed in fogs and mists left over from the disaster and soon they disappeared into the air… believed to be the lost city of the skies, hidden amongst the clouds… away from the eyes of man.

Millenia past, and the once perfect world of this beautiful city faded into legend and myth. Until six young adults awaken to memories long since dorment, and they are presented with a singular mission: the find the evil that once destroyed the world of perfection and prevent it from destroying this new world.

The ‘lost city’ of Atlantis is greatly influenced by Homer and the numerous resources of Greco-Roman mythology Valinor, the neighboring elven nation is influenced by the ideals of JRR Tolkien, creator of Lord of the Rings. As well as touches of Norse mythology.

Atlantis’ underwater city of Ocienia is based on the mermaid city from ‘The Little Mermaid’ by Hans Christian Andersen, as well as some Greco-Roman mythology.

The concept of meshing the past with the present (or past with its future) is borrowed from the WB show of Jack and Bobby.

Atlantia, North Carolina is a completely fictional town nearby the oceanfront.

may my light shine for you
when all the other lights go out

~ Eärendil

Every chapter written will include scenes from the past and the future. As the children of greatness come to terms with the reality of their dreams and how each one handles the truth of their purposes in life.

As the future opens up, memories of the past will unveil people of the past that may or may not be included in the future. Bits and pieces will be revealed accordingly to each of the six main characters.

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