Vignette: The Story

Originally I created the below series of vignettes as a way to create the world that “Marianya” knew. Building up her background and past life as you will and bringing her into the modern world. So below is a series of vignettes that gave snapshots of what “Marianya” the character knew.

AUTHOR NOTES: I wrote this back in 2003 for my original website. I am just reposting for prosperity.

I remember… I remember the sunbeams flying from the ground tickling my skin as I sit upon mother’s lap. I remember… the golden rays of light that disappeared as war ravaged through the Forgotten Kingdom.

I remember… the greens and blues of the marble Elysion, the kingdom I would call home… and the one place that I would seek sanctuary deep within the Gardens of Elysion.

However those times of pease have long since disappeared, forgotten within the rubble of Mare Serenitatis upon the Moon Kingdom, while all that fought in the epic battle were reincarnated, and later reawakened upon the soft meadows of the future Elysion – Earth.

Through these past many years, those of us from the legendary ~ Silver Millennium ~ were plagued with mystical visions. Visions that could open the doors to our pasts, presents and futures upon this blue-green planet.

Would this golden age of Crystal Tokyo come to pass… or would our more realistic dreams take over our mind and blind us from out true destiny?

You have read the story of Sailor Moon and her friends. You have read how Endymion and Serenity found that love can overcome all barriers including time. Now read another legend, the legend of Maia as she escapes from her birthright, and finds sanctuary in the world of Elysion.

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