Vignette: Silver Moonlight (Story 2)

AUTHOR NOTE: This was written as a part of a compilation series at the Silver Moonlight website in 2002. What happened is that someone starts the story and another picks up a story and continues for a little bit and stops then another picks it up, etc. Silver Moonlight was a Sailor Moon fansite back in the day, so obviously the following is Sailor Moon based.


Queen Serenity closed her eyes as a soft breeze coaxed her to rest. Her mind drifted to the nothingness that became quite common during those times when she wanted nothing more than to relax. As her mind continued to slip further into the comforting abyss… it started to wander to the times of long ago. Times that were once free and not quite as chaotic, to a time where there was no destiny nor fate taking a hand in her future…

After what seemed to be just mere seconds she felt the warmth of the sunlight against her skin. Children laughter was heard far in the distance and she felt the afternoon breeze tickle her from her temporary reverie.

“Usagi-chan! Usagi wake up!”

A voice yelled to her, instantly Queen Serenity woke up. The picture she saw around her was not of the palace, nor was there the crystalline glow of her beloved city. What she saw before her was greener and more beautiful than she remembered the park in Tokyo to be.

“Usagi! Over here odango-atama!”

Serenity looked to the distance and saw Sailor Mars and Sailor Venus rushing over to her, <Usagi? But does that mean…> She lowered her head and gazed at her clothing, sure enough she was wearing the high school uniform. Looking back at Mars and Venus it would seem that they too were wearing their respective high school garments. <How in the… where is everyone?> She wondered.

Instinctively she rushed to her best friend and gave her a hug, “Hello Mars-chan,” seeing her other close friend she nodded, “Venus-chan.” However the reception was taken to a sudden jolt.

“What are you talking about odango atama? Mars? Venus? Did you eat more odango’s than you could think with?” The raven haired girl let go of Usagi and looked at her quizzitively. Looking to her golden-haired companion, “I knew she didn’t have anything in her head.”

Usagi’s heart pumped harder as her blood boiled quickly, <nothing? How could she? I’m the heir to the Moon Kingdom, Queen of Crystal Tokyo. I…> then she realized that her closest friends did not answer to their respective planets… in fact they seemed to be oblivious to… well… everything.

Forcing a slight smile and not really understanding what is going on with her friends, Usagi joined them in park never noticing a shadow of a tall young man looking at her with confused eyes.

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