Poetry: Gardens of Eden

From my original website, I had a short poem that was supposed to be constantly evolving as life changed. Within the poem there were going to be key words that led to other pages on the website. Obviously that changed, but here is that poem, the “key words” would be in bold. Over time I’ll connect the “key words” to the various pages as appropriate.

AUTHOR NOTES: I wrote this back in 2003 for my original website. I am just reposting for prosperity.

Sunbeams dance upon the sky
fragrances tickle my senses
as reality disappears into fantasy
the Gardens of Eden

Home to a prince and princess,
she – who am I
dreams of a knight
to fill her desires with passion

Slow as the passing tide
fast as the changing seasons,
memories of childhood dissolve
as the age of womanhood beckons

With the Gates of the Gardens beckoning to me
I follow the path to forge a future
where my fantasies become reality

This is what I hope
This is what I dream
This is what I see

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