Vignette: Reawakening

AUTHOR NOTES: I wrote this back in 2003 for my original website. I am just reposting for prosperity.


In this present life, it had taken me quite a bit of time to fully understand the past that I had once lived. In fact it was all just a bit of imagination, until the dreams I have been receiving were far more detailed than I had originally thought.

My first dream, what did I first think about above all else? Peace, it was my dream to live in a world where peace was everlasting. So imagine my surprise when I dreamt of a shining kingdom upon the Moon. The subsequent dreams after that included my life in the Elysion Kingdom, better known as Earth. That was the beginning of everything.

Each night brought on a different dream, each night brought more questions than answers, and what do this all mean? I needed answer but were at a lost as to how to go about getting them.

It was a pleasant surprise indeed when I took a chance one day and started talking to the Crystal Guard. By this point in time I believed that the dreams were just that, dreams, and my original intention was to use them in the form of stories. Considering these dreams were so detailed in my mind’s eye it seemed justified that I should involve them in my story writing.

Over time, I had come to believe and understood my past as I remembered it, and the many parts that were still foreign to me. Particularly my family and my lover from the Silver Millennium. (Please read Gardens of Elysion for more details.)

Many months past, and I had become reacquainted with my brother in my past, Prince Endymion, now known as Chiba Mamoru. As well as the Generals of Elysion and the Senshi. But a part of me was still missing, and that part came to me upon a Midnight Dream…

One night I had recently found a new mode of travel through ones dreams, and I used this to the utmost advantage, going to the moon in particular. It was the third trip to the moon that I met him, the ‘man of my dreams’. Apolline.

Which brings me to now, there is still a very long a tedious description as to my first meeting with Apolline in this lifetime, but that is another story for another time. And now I have the obligation of keeping my past life away from the people I loved and have known in this life.

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