UPDATES: Website Pages Added

So I’ve been busy, putting down a little of my history, interests, etc.

Although I haven’t really updated the blog contents persay, I have been adding pages that can be found in the upper right hand corner of the weblog. Below is a breakdown of the pages:
Information about my background in writing, theatre, web designing: basically anything and everything artistically related.

A lot of the work I do at PureDWTS, PureSYTYCD, PureAmericasGotTalent and PureTVNet sometimes would require references and background work… so I will posting a lot of the background information here. Though some of the pages can be found over at the various blogs as well.

A quick cheat sheet of the breakdown of the various posts on the website

Anything and everything that I find entertaining from books to music to comics, etc.

General information about specific projects that I have been working on.

I’ve been going through my old website design and posting the various vignettes and stories that are officially shelves in some capacity or I took the time to complete real quickly just to complete the series. Since they are more fiction related that is why they are in “Beyond the Abyss” as opposed to here on the primary blog.