Reflection: Personified Hopes

AUTHOR NOTES: Way back when, I wrote down some of the things that I hoped for. Below are my “personified hopes” for the future. Granted times have changed, but it was interesting to see what I once hoped for and how life has changed.

Older Brother ~ Someone that I could look up to, a role model a figure that would always be there through my darkest and happiest times. The dark angel and the white knight, he would protect me and shield me from the world and still help me see and understand the darkness around me without feeding into my disillusions. Aid me when it is needed and necessary and become the rock that I could lean upon for support. He would be funny and truthful, intelligent and realistic, no matter what happens in our lives he would always be there.
Now: A fair number of my male friends have become a pseudo-older brother, and for that I am grateful. After decades of being the elder sister and being the strong one having someone(s) that care… well let’s just say that it means a lot to me.

Lifelong Friends ~ The friendship that transcends time, they will always be there when you are there and when you are not, a phone call away you could not talk to them for weeks and all of a sudden talk as if time had not moved at all. They would be with you until the end of time, helping you, healing you, and once in a while stab you in the front if time deems it necessary for such a thing to come to pass. They are the ones that would take the bullet for you if one is heading your way…
Now: Well… we’ll see. But I know that I have a strong support group of friends, and that was something I never really had before.

Soulmate ~ He would complete me like no one else can, he would be my night and my day. He would be the one that I could look upon and see nothing but unbridled joy and love, my past and my future would forever be a part of his, entertwined right down to the soul. Our happiness would not be without its hardships, however we would overtake them as a couple should and shine brighter afterwards.
Now: I’ve given up. End of story.

Daughter ~ Hearing a young girl run up to you and call you ‘Mommy’ is the most wonderful feeling in the world, her dark brown eyes, her ebony hair… Her smile would light up all of Chicagoland if there was a way to connect her to the circuitry *grins*. She would be daddy and mommy’s little angel through and through. Sure there would be some tough times between the two of us like adolescence, the teens and adulthood… but she will always be my little girl.
Now: See the above… well unless I go for the sperm donation or adoption, we’ll see.