UPDATE: “Can we start again please?”

So I decided to change everything out again. So instead of a splash page that leads into a bunch of other mini-sites, I decided to just simplify everything to the point that it is just a weblog. This way if time permits I can still add on pages outside of the blog that will be accessible via the blog.

This is a reflection of what has been going on in my life, where I used to compartmentalize everything and over-complicate matters to the point that I was stressing myself out. Now that I’ve found a bit of a balance, and a bit of simplicity it became easier to just put everything down on one page and throw the complexities out the window.

So with a weblog I could keep ideas up here, if anything new happens in my life it would be easier to post about it… and as writing projects complete itself then I’ll post accordingly.

Oh and if you were wondering where the title of this page came from? It is from a musical – Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Jesus Christ SuperStar – that is playing at the Arcada in St. Charles, IL in mid-December. It is being co-produced by Natural Talent Productions.

Ja ne!

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