UPDATE: New Tumblr!!!

Ok… I didn’t do what I normally do in cases like this and claim my typical username early enough in the process. I simply didn’t feel the need. Ugh.

I looked up whomever has my usual username “marianya” and they aren’t even using it! Grrrr. Ah well, in the meantime my username out on Tumblr-land is “marianyaklis”.

Why “Klis”?
Because it is the surname I chose for myself way back in the stone ages of the internet when I picked up the pseudonym “Marianya”. “Klis” was a surname of a family from an old story idea I had back in grade school and it stuck to me ever since.

Why create a Tumblr blog?

Simple (and part of the reason I am kicking myself now), more often than not there have been times when I want to just comment on an article I read, or a movie I have just seen… without having to go through writing a massive blog post. But there just isn’t enough space to simply “tweet”… so Tumblr is that middle ground between a quick “tweet” and a thought provoking “blog post”…

Why not use Facebook?
Because Facebook is more of a “friends only” thing for me… while Tumblr is a more public social network… in a similar vein to Twitter. No real inside jokes in Tumblr folks!

Now I’m confused…
Don’t worry… I was too for a while…

Facebook: Friends only network

Twitter: Quick, Short Thoughts

Personal Blog: Lengthy posts, in depth reviews, thoughts, notes, etc

Tumblr: Too long for Twitter, too short for the Personal Blog.

So there you go. I’m on Tumblr and we will see what this new world would do for me. =P

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