Endeavors: NaNoWriMo Week 1 Update

So… I finally decided to follow through with NaNoWriMo and chose to work on a script that not only has been on back burner but I made the mistake of deleting the original composition last month. Looking at the original hard copy, I had a lot of revisions regardless… so I felt this was a good project to work on first and see how far I could take it.

Most of the research and breaking down of the scenes were done months (if not years) ago, and now is just the matter of putting thought to paper… and already I was beginning to see changes on screen and improvements that I could add into the piece… which I did as I typed.

What is it exactly that I am working on? Can’t say… or rather, won’t say… considering that I still have to finish it. Granted I may actually make mention of it on my writing blog: Beyond the Abyss, but I won’t inundate you with details here.

So how did I do from day to day?

Day 1 (1 Nov): 0 words… life just got away from me

Day 2 (2 Nov): 824 words during lunch and 792 words after I wrapped work for a total of 1616 words.

Day 3 (3 Nov): 3077 for a total of 4693 words thus far.

Day 4 (4 Nov): 0 words… between cleaning, cooking, seeing two shows… yeeeeaaaah I was beat.

Day 5 (5 Nov): 0 words… same as Day 1: life just got away from me… again.

Day 6 (6 Nov): 0 words… between work and rehearsal… riiiiight I was going to get writing done.

Day 7 (7 Nov): 0 words… work and helping out with tech. *le sigh* I am seeing a trend here.

So despite good intentions, I keep forgetting just how busy my life tends to be, as thus I don’t usually get writing done as often as I like. Still better than nothing… let’s see what Week 2 is going to bring.