Endeavor: Getting Back into the (Workout) Groove

So a friend of mine has been participating in a nationwide event called: Health Kwest… put together by Genghis Grill.

From their website:

Health Kwest is Genghis Grill’s Healthy-Influenced campaign where we adopt one contestant per location to eat Genghis Grill once a day, for 60 days all while losing weight, exercising and completing social media tasks.

My friend applied and is now representing the Wheaton Genghis Grill… and I am very proud of him.

He keeps up a Tumblr with various blog posts about what bowls he has put together, the various social media tasks and other odds and ends and thoughts and promises to do so from now until at least the end of the 60 day journey.

So, naturally, as a friend I will do what I can to help him out and well… join him in various group classes because I am cray cray like that. Well that and the fact that it is far more fun to workout with friends than by yourself.

Another friend of mine has been making steady progress in working out on her own every morning prior to work and once in a while in the evenings. In fact her work out schedule is similar to what I used to do regularly only six / seven years ago (ugh I feel old).

She and I had often talked about doing a Zumba class together and keeping up with it… well when my first friend mentioned how others were joining him in the Zumbathon I figured it would be a great opportunity for
1) Me get back into the groove of working out
2) Introduce new people together.
So I signed up while my other friend would join whenever she could…

Ok… with all of the above I must have an ulterior motive somewhere… well duh! I hit the weight that I normally hit when I feel like I need to lose weight again. That and the fact that I have been slacking like crazy lately in the workout room… mainly because I was already working out and dancing like crazy for six months straight, I felt like I didn’t need to work out anymore at that point.

Problem was I never kept up.

So what’s my goal? I want to get back into the groove of working out for an hour or hour and a half every work day morning. Evenings I’ll Zumba with friends until the end of the session and just kind of see where it goes from there.

If I like the classes then I’ll consider purchasing the DVD box set from Zumba and continue with that in the evenings and weekends.

I have been working out (on and off) on my own for years… and nothing really sticks. However, working out with friends who want to work out… well makes my life easier.

So what’s my target? That’s difficult to say… I mean when people asked my friend how much weight he is planning to lose, he answers:

as much as I need to to be healthy

Which considering everything is probably the right answer.

In a lot of ways it is very similar to me. My target is not a weight persay (even though I do have a target weight goal and a stretch goal) but how I look. I want to be able to lose enough inches that when I wear a corset I am the perfect hourglass shape. Meaning that there is at least a ten-inch difference between my bust / hip line and my waist line.

Totally doable. 🙂

But not only that, my stretch goal is ultimately to workout to the point that I am toned in my abs and obliques… Which is something I was never able to completely do. How’s that for a goal?

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