Endeavor: One Woman “Show”

Earlier this year I was helping a friend out in her desire to put together a “one woman show” full of songs that would help describe particular events or people that had a significant impact in her life. Over time we came up with a title (thanks to another friend) for her “one woman show” and she is currently planning things out bit by bit over time.

Which got me into thinking. I am not a vocalist like she is, my strength is via writing, comedy, skits… But my saving grace (I feel) has always been my writing.

For years I have been writing a collection of poems that I have posted on FictionPress.com with more poems that I simply haven’t posted in storage. I also have a long slew of “moments” that I have written as a reflection of what I was reading or writing or feeling at any particular moment in time. Sifting through everything they all seem to revolve alone the men that have come and go in my life for one reason or another.

All with different voices, and for different reasons.

So when I joined another friend to watch an Open Mic / Book Reading session at the local book store run by a mutual acquaintance something occurred to me that didn’t happen before.

The writer in attendance who did a book reading of her latest publication turned out to be reading a series of poems that she had created / put together for the past ten years. Then via a small publication company was able to publish her collection of poems to the masses.

It made me wonder… with so much writing left unpublished from my stores (most of which are scenes, moments, etc)… could this be something worthwhile to write? To take all the pieces of writing be it poetry, short stories, moments, whatever and rework them into a cohesive unit with chapters / partitions… etc… could I do it?

Seems rather difficult to comprehend, but at the same time might be something worthwhile to attempt. I could put together the pieces I have written over the years be it semi-autobiographical or fictional, lay them out into a semi-cohesive storyline and perhaps even find that outlet to share the joy that writing brings to me to others as well. It is possible.

At first the idea of a “One Woman Show” was appealing even to the point that I started keeping track of songs that I would have loved to sing. However, since my friend intends on doing that I feel that a semi-autobiographical take of a particular aspect of my life would be something closer to my wheelhouse so to speak.

The question remains what should I use? I mean I have unfinished scenes from various fictions that have fallen by the wayside… or from the online soap opera that is currently on hiatus… or dreams of meeting that “prince in brooding armor” as I put it. Do I add in the fiction portions of my writing into this semi-autobiographical take of my (lack of a) love life?

Why not? I mean everyone has dreams of meeting “the one”, and there was a large portion of my life that I spent creating “the one” as opposed to meeting him… Heck if I really wanted to it could be an overly fictionalized, overly dramatized version of what I went through. Or moments and events that I went through that I have deconstructed, reworked and rewritten into something far more dramatic and sudden.

So many different choices and possibilities just opened up… and I would be remiss if I did not walk through the door and find out what is at the other side. Afterall if I am getting decent feedback on my poetry alone… my writing can’t be all bad… can it?