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Review: The Twilight Saga – Breaking Dawn Part Two

Ok… I am going to admit, the main reason that I wanted to see this movie was because of the fight scene. The one scene in the movie that is blatantly not in the book. I know when I read the book (and yes I will admit to reading the book, no shame in that… much) I was supremely disappointed that there was no battle, just one massive chess match. Especially since Alice had a vision that showed that some number of the Cullens (if not just Edward and Bella) and other vampires would not survive the Volturi’s visit in some capacity.

I wanted to see how that would have played out, who would have survived as well as how and who did in the battle?

What we know from the books:
– Jacob and Renesemse survive
– Bella and Edward die
– Other members of the Cullens die

That’s about it… Well not really.

Later in the novel (towards the end to be exact) Edward mentions his theories as to why and how the Cullens and company survive. His speculation was that Bella defensive shield was enough to throw Aro and the Volturi off to the point that battle was more than evenly match… Edward admitted that the Cullens and company would have sustained heavy losses but so would the Volturi. If there is anything that Aro hated it was losing… in any capacity.

After watching the film, I finally decided that the best bit of the series was the faux-battle scene that happened. Yes it was just a future that Alice saw as long as Aro continued on his path to destroy the Cullens, but still that was one damn fun battle to watch.

So what actually happened in the battle?

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