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Fleeting: Do Disney Villains Kill?

Don’t ask me where this question came from, I suppose it was one of those lingering thoughts that stemmed from a photo:
Comic-Con Disney Villains

Which then inspired a Facebook conversation where someone mentioned that the the hunter in front was the most evil because he was the one that killed Bambi’s mother…

Then a few years later a separate conversation between friends as to which villains have actually killed… which then inspired this post.

So that begs the question…

Which of Disney Villains Kill?
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Quossover: Cinderella

Earlier in the year (back in the spring) my friend wanted to see the live-action film version of Disney’s Cinderella, and so I accompanied her.

When it comes to the online world, Cinderella is not typically considered a prime role model for the “modern female”. Cinderella being the traditional “rags-to-riches” story depicted a young lady forced to be a servant in the home that she grew up in by a step mother and step siblings, her fairy godmother creates the means for Cinderella to go to the ball, she meets the prince, they fall in love, she flees, and the prince finds her.

On the surface it appears that actions happen to and around her in order for her happily ever after to come around. In a way emphasizing the notion that “good things comes to those who wait” which in today’s modernized way of thinking, is not always the case.

Disney’s original animated classic, stays along the lines of that mythos, that someone that was neglected and abused and quieted would one day receive their reward for their kindness. Although this is typically true in the sense of karma in today’s world, what is not necessarily true is the sense that things will happen to the protagonist, versus the protagonist seeking out what they desire.

Granted if there is anything that the Cinderella does emphasis to their audience and is something that I would emphasize as well is to “do unto others as you would have them do unto you” (which if memory serves is a biblical verse, but I am not going to go and do any comparisons at this point in time).

So how does Disney’s live action version of Cinderella compare to that of the original animated classic?
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Recipe: Dole Whip!

So for a surprise anniversary party for a friend, the friend’s husband asked me to recreate Dole Whip as found at Disneyland, WDW, the Disney Resorts… etc.

A quick search online provided a lot of recipes of Dole Whip as others have attempted to recreate the feat, not a simple task. Searching some more revealed that the Disney companies actually use a pre-made mix for their Dole Whip that worked reasonably well.

The original recipe:
– 1-1/3 cup of Dole Whip Pre-Made Mix
– 2-2/3 cup of cold water
Mix well then pour the mixture into the ice cream machine and let it churn.
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Fleeting: Disney Inspired Stuff

Lover of Disney the following are various pages that bring a new perspective to the Disney world:

JIRKA DESIGN: This artist decided to take the various Disney characters and set them to “reality”, thus calling them the “real life” versions of Disney characters.
Jirka’s Blog
Facebook Page

“TWISTED PRINCESSES” series: This artist took the Disney Heroines and turned them dark… twisted. A lot of the later ones, the artist has included stories to explain how they have turned “dark and twisted”.
DeviantArt Page
The Art of Jeffrey Thomas

THE HUNGER GAMES the Disney Version: The artist created a breakdown of the Disney Heroes/Heroines if they were in the Hunger Games, ingenious really. I enjoyed it.
DeviantArt page of the work
Artist Gallery of male Disney villains if they were female

POCKET PRINCESSES: Drawn by Amy Mebberson , she takes all of the Disney heroines and have them interact as if they were all staying under the same roof.

DAVID KAWENA’S DISNEY HEROES: Various Disney Heroes… in the buff.
– Other Disney works on his DeviantArt Page
Facebook Page
Facebook Album of the Heroes Collection


DisneyBound is meant to be inspiration for you to pull together your own outfits which work for your body and wallet whether from your closet or local mall.

Via Polyvore

LOVE, ASHLEY DESIGNS: This was an artist whose work I was introduced to and I absolutely love.

KAREN HALLION: Another artist whose art I was introduced to and absolutely love.
Facebook Page

DISNEY STAINED GLASS: These are Disney characters set to stained glass.
Mandie Manzano’s Personal Webpage
Original Disney Stained Glass article from The Mary Sue
Mandie Manzano’s Facebook Page

Harrods’ Designer Disney Dresses
Disney Bridal
Reinterpreting Disney Princess Costumes via a Historical Lens
Pokemon Princesses
Disney Princesses re-imaged in Steampunk
Disney Princesses Reimaged as Superheroes
Disney Heroines in Lingerie

Entertainment: Beyond “Happily Ever After”

So I have been rather addicted to this series: “Once Upon a Time”. The irony is that although a fair number of my friends have insisted I should start watching it because it would be a series I would enjoy I made a point of not watching it for that same reason. Well that and the fact that I don’t always have the time to watch television shows anymore.

But then I started watching some time during the first half of Season Three when the characters went to Neverland and I was hooked (heh, Hook… Neverland… get it?). So I purchased the first two seasons of the series and got myself caught up and lo and behold I was definitely on the bandwagon.

I don’t know why I didn’t watch this series sooner… it took all the “happily ever afters” and turned them on their heads. It took all of the beloved fairytales and found ways to integrate them amongst one another from Snow White to Sleeping Beauty, from Pinocchio to Rumpelstiltskin, etc.

There were some ties in between various fairytales that were rather ingenious and inspiring that one can’t help but wonder why did it not happen before? I suppose in a lot of ways we’ll never know.

And now in the second half of the third season the core cast has been integrated with the Wicked Witch of the West… except that is the only integration. Oz appears primarily in flashbacks from the Wicked Witch’s point of view and Glinda the Good Witch makes a couple of appearances, but that’s about all. Which is too bad because I was hoping for some more…

Then again… this kind of popped up on my Facebook News Feed over a month ago. From the Disney ABC Careers, they are taking applications for writers on their current and / or new programs… Now isn’t this tempting.
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Reflection: Disneyland Trip (Pre-Posts)

Two months ago, myself and a bunch of friends got together on the West Coast to celebrate the birthday of a mutual friend. There was two contingents showing up in the Magic Kingdom which included one from Chicago and another in the Los Angeles area.

To say I had fun is an understatement… I truly enjoyed myself… however, I also became ill during this trip and as thus was in bed half the time as well. Ah well.

So how am I to break this down? Well between Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure there is a lot to go through… so I guess I will try it this way…
Part One: This will deal primarily with what happened pre-Disney Birthday Day. Arrival, hotel, planning, hanging out… etc.
– Part Two: Will be devoted to what was done during the big birthday day, what we did together… what happened when we all splintered off… etc.
– Part Three: Disneyland. Anything not covered in Part Two from Disneyland would be covered in this particular post
– Part Four: Disney’s California Adventure. There were a couple of moments that myself and a friend ventured off into DCA since she was only going to be around for a day. So this post would be devoted to whatever I was able to do outside of Part Two (which is a lot).
– Part Five: What I Missed. Regrets, things I wanted to do that I didn’t get to do, or things I wanted to get but didn’t for various reasons. This might include the supposed trip to L.A. that never happened.

Yeah… it is going to be rather lengthy series and I probably won’t get to everything right away… but the hope is that I will be able to sort through all the photos and have all the videos uploaded so that I could actually get this going.

And since a few people that missed out on the trip are looking for details… well here is my perspective, but for starters if you missed the original post here is a little something that came out of the trip: Men’s Musical Pants… *evil cackle*

Fleeting: Period Correct Persian Fashion

Back in 2012, via my RSS feed, there was an article about an artist that was in the middle of a series of various Disney heroines reimaged to wear period accurate clothing. Me being the curious cat I tended to be was intrigued and sifted through the images available and was floored with what I saw.

Jasmine (from the Aladdin series) was one character I would love to attempt to pull off if I had the abs for her… and I don’t. But even if I did I still would have preferred to be as historically accurate as possible, so when I saw what the artist had drawn up for her I was disappointed when I couldn’t see the front of the outfit due to the position drawn of the character.

Le sigh…

Fortunately after a little more digging around the artist provided information about their primary inspiration for the piece that stemmed from pre-Islamic Middle East (aka Persia).

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