Recipe: Vanilla Ice Cream with Chocolate Chunks and Candy Canes

Just in time for the holidays too. After borrowing my friend’s ice cream machine I decided that the first batch of ice cream I would make would include a classic “Chocolate Chip Ice Cream” kind of feel but with the added twist of ground up candy canes for the season.

Needless to say it was full of the awesome.

Now the ice cream maker came with its own book of recipes to use… so for starters I figured good old fashioned vanilla would work…
Sweet and simple.

Right “good old fashioned vanilla”… I added a few mix-ins in the form of ground up candy canes and broken down chocolate truffles…

Like everything other baking endeavor I have done up to this point I used honey powder in place of sugar, and as always it did not disappoint. I may go so far as to say that the flavor seemed to be better than that of store bought ice cream, but as always I am biased.

So I portioned off some of the ice cream and sent it to a couple of friends and what do you know, they loved it! Thank goodness, I was getting worried.

Other than the honey and changing up the mix-ins… the recipe is fairly straight forward so really this post is pointless… but what the hey, any new recipe deserves to be realized and commented on… this is no different. So enjoy!

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