Recipe: Marshmallow Ice Cream

My family (or rather my sister and I) were on one heck of an ice cream kick for the holiday season. She made chocolate chip ice cream and coffee ice cream that some how required the use of a total of fourteen egg yolks and no egg whites. Well rather than getting rid of the egg whites (as I did because I was too lazy to keep them) they saved them up.

Mom originally was going to make meringue with the egg whites, but I decided to search online and found that I could make marshmallows with the egg whites. But even better, when looking for a marshmallow ice cream recipe, it was discovered that there was one available that required using marshmallow creme as opposed to ready made marshmallows.

Well that totally makes life easy, make the homemade marshmallows, and before laying the paste onto a tray to make the actual marshmallows, instead just mix it as an ingredient for the marshmallow ice cream, and voila! Nom Nom Nom Nom-ness.

So this particular recipe post will feature TWO recipes that I used and adapted for the Marshmallow Ice Cream treat… But then again I already made two different batches of the Marshmallow Ice Cream… good ole fashioned vanilla and good ole fashioned chocolate. =)

But first thing’s first: here is the recipe to the marshmallow:
So what did I change up? Well the usual of course:

– honey powder instead of sugar
– liquid honey instead of corn syrup
And when I eventually decided to create marshmallows I used the potato starch over corn starch.

The recipe was fairly straight forward so I am not going to bother with details… you could figure things out for yourself whenever you feel the need to find a way to use up the egg whites you have accumulated.

So now the ice cream portion of this particular post:
Now when it came to flavoring, if I wanted something decided non-vanilla (like butterscotch or chocolate) I swapped the vanilla extract for something else. In the end the fourteen egg whites I started with I ended up with
– one batch of churned vanilla
– one batch of churned chocolate
– one batch of pre-churned butterscotch
– one batch of pre-churned coffee
– two batches of pre-churned vanilla

Yeeeaaaaah… that’s a lot of ice cream. So I did what I am prone to do and offered up for suggestions on Facebook via my friends… here were some of the ideas:
– butterscotch
– cinnamon
– chocolate coconut
– chocolate mint
– peanut butter and chocolate

So if my friends were truly serious about their “orders” and ice cream “preferences” how would I oblige? Well:
– half batch butterscotch
– half batch of butterscotch with chocolate chunks mixed in
– half batch of chocolate with coconut mixed in
– half batch of chocolate with ground up candy canes mixed in
After all I am all about mixing things around, why not? I did a few taste tests and I like it, it is not too sweet and the right consistency, you can say that I am a wee happy with this revelation.

Looking back though I probably would have my mother use a portion of the egg whites to make the meringue and then I will go ahead and make the cream for the ice cream before actually going about churning the batches. So I would keep the milk portions and just churn them as needed. Ah well, the gift of hindsight.

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