Review: The Brydge

Earlier I wrote a post about various Kickstarter campaigns that I had backed and was very happily able to see the fruits of those projects to the end. Of these completed projects the one that I was looking forward to was “The Brydge”.

For a quick idea of “The Brydge“, the website gives a fairly thorough overview of what it is, what it involves and what it can do. But you are not here for me to given a marketing overview of the product… you want my honest opinion don’t you?


I love it, the keyboard feels like an actual keyboard as opposed to a touchpad like you were typing on the actual tablet. This feels like a keyboard for the laptop or in this case the MacBook Air. So because the size of the iPad is quite small in height the keyboard itself is also smaller… closer to netbook size, making typing in general not as spaced out as one would like whilst typing.

However that is more due to the size the iPad than the Brydge itself. For the feel and sense of the keyboard of the Brydge lends itself to having the user feel comfortable and able to operate with relative ease.

The bluetooth connectivity between the Brydge and the iPad is fairly solid… syncing up was very intuitive for the most part except for a few bits here and there… but after a moment or two it begins to feel natural.

One of the things I really like about the Brydge is how it often goes into “sleep mood” after a few minutes of idleness. As long as the speakers are not in use (or rather not connected) the creators of The Brydge claim that the keyboard could runs for days without needing to charge up… now I wouldn’t attempt that, but the fact that The Brydge goes into the sleep mood when not in use and then after a couple of taps on the keyboard automatically syncs up again proves to be a positive for the device.

For only negative I see with The Brydge is that because the iPad slips into The Brydge’s clamps, there is nothing protecting the iPad… so if you happen to drop The Brydge and iPad there is no telling what could happen. If the team comes up with a casing that would aid in this matter I would be all for it

But all in all, this is probably one of best investments via Kickstarter I have made thus far. The team keeps their investors up to date with delays, product changes, adaptations, etc… and in turn the investors are very happy with not only the final product, but the process along the way too.


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