Endeavors: House Cleaning / Rearranging

Whelp it is that time of the year again… where I am so bored with the set up of my place that I want to change it up. One (major) problem, with a place so small there is only so much “changing up” that one could possibly do.

One thing I got started with was cleaning up this built in shelving system in the hallway… It was piled to the brim with books, papers, clippings, binders, etc… that I simply needed to start trimming down the reading materials into the ones that I know that I am in the middle of reading or that I have to reread… or happens to be something that I need for research now that I have a little more time each day to get some good writing and research done.

Looking at my bedroom there really isn’t much that I could blatantly rearrange or clean up, in fact the most that I could do was clean up / rearrange the built in corner hutch and start swapping out the DVDs stashed there as well as move the Nintendo Wii into the great room as opposed to my bedroom.

In fact the idea of moving the Wii into the great room is rather tempting if only for the fact that I now have a monitor with computer system that I could possibly connect the Wii to. On top of that a coworker of mine has really enticed me to the possibility of going Blu-Ray down the road… which means actually purchasing a Blu-Ray player and slowly converting my video collection into Blu-Ray.

But I digress…

The bathroom is rather set as it is, though I could either use more shelving or have to re-sort through everything to clean everything out. Hmmm….

Which is (ironically enough) something that I did with the cabinets in the kitchen… I had to rearrange everything from the food stuffs to the silverware to the pantry. The result? A much more efficient kitchen for myself and more room for lots of stuff to put in there after. =)

And then there is the great room… after moving the desk so there is a bit of separation between the “office” side and the “lounging” side… all that is left is to purchase a couch / love seat / stand alone seating and a coffee table so that I might be able to entertain guests. With potential ideas of how to arrange the area i am a bit hesitant to follow through due to the inevitable loss of space… so I guess you can say I am waiting until I could find something that is not only suitable but also fits my needs of multi-use.

One could easily say that I have become quite domestic, but in all honesty the idea of rearranging my room (or rooms in this case) is rather quite par for the course for me. In fact now with the rearrangement of my current furniture I am able to reach the nook that is in the second floor of the great room.

Oh the possibilities that 2013 is bringing.

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