Vignette: Forgotten Kingdom

AUTHOR NOTES: I wrote this back in 2003 for my original website. I am just reposting for prosperity.


As I opened my eyes I soon realized that I was no longer in my bed at home asleep, instead I stood in the center of a long passageway. Everywhere I turned I saw doors to my left and right, reaching far ahead and behind of me. As I was standing there wondering what I am suppose to do, a soft voice whispered behind my ear… “Maia through all of these doors are different visions of your past, present and future as they may have been or occur. Each door will lead you to that alternate reality of your life, but you are to choose one door, and one door alone. Choose wisely my child…”, the voice disappeared as silently as it came.

One door? How could I possibly choose one door, I wanted to know more of my past life in the Silver Millennium, when I was with Endymion, Apolline and my Elysion family. I knew that those memories would someday come around eventually, so that would have been a waste.

I couldn’t very well choose the future, for that is forever in motion, ask Pluto-sama yourself she’d say the same thing, that although there is a particular way that the timeline should flow that may not always be the case.

So I set out walking down the seemingly unending corridor, various sounds from other doors tempted me to enter them, but I could not, would not. For those doors would not answer the questions I seek. What answers do I seek?

After what seem like hours I finally reached the end of the long passage, that voice from the beginning of my journey came again, “Child you have little timeleft, choose your destination and choose wisely for if you do not choose then you will never receive this chance again…” it disappeared for the lasttime.

Choose? How could I possibly choose a door when I do not even know which door leads to where. Finally I faced the door in front of me. Out of all the doors this one was the same in physical appearance, but there was a strange silvery-golden aura emanating from the door frame.

I took a deep breath and reach for the knob knowing quite well that what I do now would determine what I do and do not know after the conclusion of my journey. Opening the door, the hallway flooded with the silver-gold light… finally taking one last breath I walked into the light. Hoping that the decision that I had made was the right one.

More to come as I slowly remember the kingdom from whence I came… the Syth Kingdom.

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