Unbroken: General Notes/Summary

What would happen if Prince Endymion had a sister and Princess Serenity had a kind of brother and those two siblings fell in love? This series is the relationships between siblings and lovers and the ultimate bond of the quartet. Going from Book 1 set in the Silver Millennium to Book 5 in Crystal Tokyo.

Bondages in Love
Based entirely in the Silver Millennium this brings the love between Endymion and Serenity as well as Apolline from the Shadow Moon and Maia of Earth. Taking you through their growing relationships as lovers and siblings and finally the defeat of the Silver Millennium.

Midnight Dreams
Set in Present Earth the senshi have gone through several battles already. Now after the defeat of the Shadows of Dream the senshi enjoy only days of rest until new youma appear and with it a warrior dressed in the likeness of Tuxedo Kamen, ball gown and all. Who is the mysterious woman and what is her connection to the senshi.

With Light Comes Shadow
A continuation of Midnight Dreams. Set concurrent throughout with the equivalent of the Sailor Moon Stars series. New senshi, both good and evil come with a different agenda in mind. The Sailor Stars’ mission to find their princess, the Sailor Animates’ mission to get the Sailor Crystals so that they may become sailor senshi. But through it all two new warriors come to the forefront.

Rise of the Fourth Kingdom
Chaos returned to its cauldron, all family and friends reunited, it would seem that peace is finally evident. Unfortunately all good things must come to an end as the cause of the plight of Princess Maia resurfaces and her life comes into jeopardy. The answers behind the stunning mystery of the Earth Princess are finally revealed.

Utopia Kingdom
Set in during Crystal Tokyo, a possible conclusion to the series Unbroken Bonds Unbroken Love. The senshi are with their loves and are wondering if young Sailor Saturn, and mysterious Sailor Pluto would ever find theirs. Pluto and Saturn thought heavy (tentative).

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