Elements of Song: Original Notes/General Summary

As promised, in regards to my fanfiction: Elements of Song, I am posting some (if not all) of my original notes that deals with the world I created. Please, enjoy.

Some of the notes below I wrote years ago when I needed an idea that would provide a very realistic crossover story between the popular boy bands of the time and Sailor Moon. The below is what I came up with.


There was a prophecy, on the planet of Euphonia, that predicted the awakening of the heart of the planet that would mark the beginning of all things good and grandiose of the world. At the same time however the awakening of the final element of song: heart, marked the beginning of the end of Euphonia.

During the final battle everyone else was killed except for Bazyli, Arion and Greta. Bazyli and Arion did not know that Greta was captured by the attacker until they finally reached him/her. It was then when the attacked reveals his ace. This revelation only moved the two to fight even harder forcing the villain to realize that she/he would need to do something and quick, and as thus casted a spell that placed Greta into a frozen prison pushing Arion to the breaking point and Bazyli to fight even harder.

In the end Bazyli is mortally wounded which awakens Arion from his mourning and Arion fights the evil to the bitter end, killing her the moment she wounds him. His last few moments of life he talks to Bazyli and forgives him for his love of Greta and reaching Greta he dies by the crystal.

Little does he know, his enemy though now dead managed to find the foresight to seal a major portion of their being into Greta, and as thus the evil that everyone is fighting is really Greta when this evil takes control of her. Greta (the part that Arion and Bazyli both loved) still exists and was in full control when she meets JC and Brian, however, when she’s alone or asleep it is that evil side that awakens and takes hold to do the evil deeds necessary to destroy music once and for all.

The final battle would again include JC and Brian, but this time Sailor Moon would be the one that would be able to seal the demon away and leave behind the girl that brought so much life and inspiration to a little known thing called music. Except, in the end she wouldn’t remember a thing, the demon that brought her to this point taking much of those memories away, she’d never remember the love she ever had with the past nor the present… much to the disheartenment of all parties involved.

However, as Mamoru later points out, it is for the best for her to try to live her life as best as she can, and as thus ends up living with the Sailor Senshi in Japan. So when NSync or BSB goes to Japan for a tour, there they will find her happier and more in tune with herself and that will be when the love reawakens.


– take the elements of music and intertwine them with each of the members of the court. Without one court member/spot filled all other elements would coalesce over time. Thus when the traitors are revealed there is an immediate need to find those that would take the places of the traitors of the court.

– the power of the prince also depends on the integrity of the court. Once one or more members of the court falter the prince also falters. If everyone of the court is gone the prince will die

– however there is one element that could save the prince should all of the court turn against him or no longer exist, heart. As long as ‘heart’ exists the prince is more likely to survive longer than when he has nothing. However once the prince finds ‘heart’, no matter what happens with the court (should they all be whole) once ‘heart’ is taken away the prince will only be living on borrowed time.

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