Visual Art Commission: Carla Wyzgala’s “Sailor Pluto”

W00t! It is done! The second of three commissions of the “Sailor Moon” series… “Sailor Pluto”! I love Sailor Pluto, the most enigmatic of the Sailor Senshi.

As much as I love the elegance and beauty of Sailor Neptune, I love the elegance and distance of Sailor Pluto. Of all the Sailor Senshi I feel like I relate the most with these two. Them and Mamoru Chiba aka Tuxedo Kamen.

Just a quick recap of the inspiration of the series:

Earlier this year (2012) I went to the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo aka C2E2. After a quick glance through the Artist Alley I saw a watercolor painting of Sailor Moon in her Sailor Senshi uniform. So since I was set on the artist of the watercolor painting the artist and I agreed to swap emails in hopes to find a style that I would be interested in.

After a series of emails, we agreed that she’d work on the Sailor Senshi starting with my favorites: Sailor Neptune and Sailor Pluto. In time she started to love the series and decided to complete the series on her own if I did not wish to have any more than what I really would like. Eventually I asked her to work on a piece involving Tuxedo Kamen, aka Chiba Mamoru (or Mamoru Chiba according to the western context of naming schemes). In response she did a quick series of pencil sketches for all the senshi in their “princess forms” and is just as excited as I am in completing the series for her portfolio.

Eventually I’ll post the original sketches that she sent me weeks ago. 🙂 I’m excited.