Entertainment Email: To Do List

Shamelessly stolen from George Takei’s Facebook Page

1: Make vanilla pudding. Put in mayo jar. Eat in public.
This is way too tempting. I may actually do it one day just for kicks. Kind of like when I had a glass bottle that I put honeyed tea into it, so when I’m drinking it looks like I’m drinking alcohol on the job. Oh the joy.

2: Hire two private inverstigators. Get them to follow each other.
Sounds like fun, don’t know if I would do it though, too expensive.

3: Wear shirt that says “Life.” Hand out lemons on street corner
ROFL… This gets better… I wonder where I could find a shirt like that?

4: Get into a crowded elevator and say “I bet you’re all wondering why I gathered you here today.”
Yeeeaaaah, no… won’t do. No way.

5: Major in philosophy. Ask people WHY they would like fries with that.
Tee hee hee. I think someone I knew in class did this. Just for kicks.

6: Run into a store, ask what year it is. When someone answers, yell “It worked!” and run out cheering.
Umm… ooook.

7: Become a doctor. Change last name to Acula.
Dr. Acula, so tempting. Actually, I can’t stand anymore education, so I’m not likely going to go down the medical route any time soon. If I was meant for that I would have been on there already and I already know too many doctors.

8: Change name to Simon. Speak in third person.
Simon Says!

9: Buy a parrot. Teach the parrot to say “Help! I’ve been turned into a parrot.”
Ha ha ha ha ha ha.

10: Follow joggers around in your car blasting “Eye of the Tiger” for encouragement.
Why is it that every time I hear “Eye of the Tiger” I always see this:

Ooo Jensen Ackles… an early celebrity crush starting from the Days of Our Lives and now on Supernatural.

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