Fleeting: Preferred Review Sites – Literary Review Websites

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Love Vampires: Dedicated to Vampire Fiction

LoveVampires is a website dedicated to vampire genre and urban fantasy fiction. Our primary function is to provide informative books reviews about not just the latest book releases but old vampire fiction favourites too. We have an ever growing selection of book reviews which you can browse by author, title or genre. You can also read exclusive interviews with authors, enter giveaways and win free stuff or watch a selection of videos. Make yourself at home, browse through the site and click about a bit – there’s no telling what you might find! Your thoughts and feedback much appreciated so please contact us with your comments.

The Incurable Bluestocking

On this blog, you’ll find reviews of historical fiction, romance novels, science fiction, fantasy, magical realism, suspense thrillers, and even the occasional non-fiction title. My reviews will be both technical and personal, evaluating the merit of the words along with my own emotional reaction to it — and so you may occasionally get personal reflections or bits of my history thrown into the mix.

Diary of an Eccentric
A blog that reviews books primarily connected with World War II and Jane Austen

Graphic Novel Reporter
Exactly as it says, a website that focuses on various graphic novels.

Book Thingo: Reading (mostly) romance books down under

Book Thingo is one long conversation about books. It’s for readers, browsers and compulsive book hoarders, mostly of romance novels. We read other books—sometimes we even talk about them—but the romance genre is our first love, so that’s where we mostly hang out.

Book Thingo posts are written by readers down under, which may encompass the tropics, depending on where you live. Most of us are Aussies, though, so just remember that we had Hugh Jackman first and you can’t keep him.

The Movie Spoiler
Pretty self explanatory. This website will give you a thorough synopsis of every movie that has been released since… well who knows when he started the site. I wrote a couple of synopsis for the site. If you find that you don’t have time to read through the thorough and detailed synopsis then you might be lucky to read the “cut to the chase” which is either a very condescend version of the synopsis or just what happens in the end.

Your guide to the latest plot twists and surprise endings, now playing at a theater near you!

Everything I Know I Learned From Musicals
One of the more interesting weblogs out there in regards to musical that I have read. Being Boston based he is not only able to make the trip to New York for the various openings, shows, concerts, etc but he also throws in something local. For someone like me that doesn’t have deep enough pockets to go to The Great White Way all the time, this has be a rather valuable resource for me in finding out where I’d like to go down the road.

Slide to Play
Completely dedicated to app games that have been released for the various Apple productions that can use an app, this has been an extremely wealthy source of information to aid in navigating through the plethora of gaming apps that are out there and finding not only the most cost effective ones but the ones you could find for free and more. Not only detailed but thorough this website doesn’t just look at the apps that are bound to make a splash but games that tend to fly “under the radar”. A must have review site for anyone that owns an iPhone or iPad.

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